August is fast approaching and so is the nearly sold out THROWBACK METAL FESTIVAL in Apple Valley, CA. As the website says, "The High Desert of Southern California may be out of the way for most, but when bands make the effort to bring the metal to the community – people show up in force." Wretch will be bringing their best along with 16 other metal bands over the course of two days during the first weekend in August. Notables among the featured bands include Ashbury, Tyrant and Kantation. Notable happenings since our last update include our show headlining FUZZ FEST in Warren, Ohio. This was special for us as this is the hometown of 3/5ths of WRETCH. We had a great turn out and are pleased to say that Metal is alive an well in the Mahoning Valley (much to our surprise). The crowd response was fantastic - and we were pleased to see that a new generation of metal fans are being raised - and will be carrying that torch long after we are gone. Metal Lives! We gotta give a special shout out to our buds in DEADIRON, who showed up and brought everythign they had under the blazing sun. Singer, Al Van Ness even jumped off stage and started a circle pit with the aforementioned new gen of Metal fans - which warmed everybody's hearts! We'd like to mention we are in the process of putting together a special show at The Foundry the night of Friday, November 21st, 2014. We've already got Cleveland Thrash Legends Vindicator confirmed to share the stage with us. We're working on putting together a killer line-up to offer the folks who can't afford the $75.00 ticket price of the Manowar show at the Agora the same evening. That's not a typo - they want $75.00 per ticket to see Manowar which is some pretty shocking shit. That's why we plan to charge 75 cents for our show. Yeah, you can come see a great line-up of bands and still have some money left to afford a freaking beer or two. We hope to see ya there. Finally, we have finished recording the new album. We are in the process of mixing and mastering the damn thing. It's going to be making its trip to Germany before Summer is over, in fact. We have a teaser for the track "Watching the Worlds" posted on our Reverbnation page - if you want to check that out. Stay tuned for more news on that. For more frequent updates follow us on facebook and twitter (links at the bottom of the page). Until we meet again - Stay Heavy! \m/


It's official, WRETCH will be providing direct support to NWOBHM legends, ANGEL WITCH, at UP THE HAMMERS in Athens, Greece in October. This will be WRETCH's first overseas show since the 2007 appearance at Germany's HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR FESTIVAL. We look forward to killing it for our European Metal Brothers. The lineup will include EVIL INVADERS (BELGIUM) and ELVENPATH (GERMANY), with more to be announced. We are continuing to work away in the studio to get the new material ready for release. We expect to have the new material out prior to our appearance at UP THE HAMMERS. Stay tuneed for more info.  Check out our MERCH page for the new T-shirts that we have available. If you are interested, shoot us an e-mail or message us via our facebook page and we'll work with you to get you a shirt. Or you can save on shipping by coming to one of our shows and we'll have them for sale at the merch booth. We expect to line a few warm-up shows prior to our trip to Greece, so we hope to see you soon. Stay heavy out there!


It's been awhile since we've posted something new. It's not that we don't have anything to post, it's just that we've been extremely busy. First off, we've been working with a local graphic design firm, TenMao Designs, to develop our goup's new mascot, "The Wretch". The piece at write is titled "Til Death Do You Part" and it's a bit brutal - but that's what we do. We are having our first batch of band merchandise made as of early May. Some of it bearing The Wretch - look for it at a merch booth at a Wretch show soon.

In addition to our graphic art endeavors, we have also been busy in the recording studio working on material for an upcoming release. This will be the first material we've recorded with the current line-up. More info on this will be forthcoming, we don't want to spoil the surprise!  Finally, there's a rumor floating around out there about WRETCH's first overseas show in seven years. Again, standby for details - official press release on that will be sometime this summer.  Hey, stay heavy, people! We can't wait to share all the details with you. We hope to see you soon, say like 8 June, at Peabody's in Cleveland, Ohio? (to see the original post with graphic go to wretchmetal.com)

JANUARY 2013 - LUCKY '13

Welcome to 2013! We intend to make this our most productive year ever, but before we start talking about the future, we’d like to briefly revisit the past. 2012 brought some difficult challenges for WRETCH, however we weathered the storm and came out the other end stronger than ever. With the new additions of vocalist Ron Emig and drummer Evan Gottschalk, we have a stable what we consider the strongest and most stable line-up WRETCH has ever seen, and we are ready to take on the world. With this new found focus, we’re ready to take on 2013. This year we are resolved to see an increase in live performances and the release of our next CD. We hope you come along for the ride! Stay heavy, Metal people – we will! \m/


The debut of the new WRETCH line-up went great at the Oct 25th Michael Schenker Group show. If you didn't get to catch it, we will be playing the IRON INGO CLEVELAND METAL HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE on Saturday, Dec 8th at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio, with Breaker, Soulless, Deadiron and other Cleveland Metal bands. Admission is FREE - although it would be great if you could bring a donation of non-perishable food items for the Cleveland and Akron Food Banks, or a cash donation to help Friends Of The Cleveland Kennel and the Lake Humane Society. So, if you are in the area, why not come out and support your neighbors, your Cleveland Metal scene and have a great time with a bunch of great bands and great metal fans? We hope to see you there!​


Congratulations to Jens Müller of Mannheim, Germany, and James Hake of Myrtle Beach, SC. They both won a WRETCH t-shirt for the pictures they submitted for the WRETCH sticker contest. Thanks, Fellahs! And thanks to everybody who took the time to post a picture of their stickers!

WRETCH will support the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP on Thursday, October 25 at Peabody's Concert Club in Cleveland, Ohio. This will be our first time out with the new line-up. A link to the event is under the "Shows" heading at left. We hope you can make it out to see WRETCH and MSG. Winning all around!



A lot of bands would have disintegrated after the year we’ve had. With Colin Watson’s retirement and Butch Liken’s departure, the band was without a vocalist or a drummer. The new WRETCH CD, which was nearly complete, was gathering dust and in need of new lyrics and a new vocalist. It actually wasn’t looking too good there for a while. But there’s something to be said for persistence – and it paid off. WRETCH is pleased to announce the addition of Ron Emig (Zone Eleven, Necessary Evil) on vocals and Evan Gottschalk (Craving Gore) on drums. The skills and attitudes these guys bring to the band have already gone a long way towards getting WRETCH back in the mix. We know you will agree.

We are working diligently to complete the next full-length CD, which we expect to be released in 2013. In the meantime, we expect to release an EP with a preview of some of the new material and a few other things in the Fall/Winter 2012 time frame. Also, don’t forget our sticker contest is on-going. Hit up our Facebook page with a private message containing your mailing address and we’ll send you a couple of stickers for free. Post a picture of your sticker in action and you might win a free WRETCH shirt. The contest will be done on August 31st, 2012. Two winners will receive a WRETCH shirt.

Until then, Keep it True!



We know people like free shit so we decided to give some of it away. We had a batch of stickers made up with the WRETCH logo and our web address and decided to give them away. The idea being that people can post the stickers wherever they want and then post a picture on of their sticker(s) in action on our Facebook page. Towards the end of August, we’ll take a look at all the pictures and pick the best two, with THE WINNERS receiving a free WRETCH shirt. No cost, we pay postage to send you the stickers and, if you win, the shirt. All you gotta do is go to our Facebook page, hit the “LIKE” button and message us your mailing address. We’ll send you some stickers.

We are still in the process of auditioning singers, but we think we are pretty damned close to sealing the deal on a new vocalist. If all goes as planned, we will have an official press release and promo pictures of the WRETCH line-up in the next month or so. Things are looking up, and we hope to be out and playing live before the end of summer.

We have actually been making progress in our little recording studio. We are busting ass trying to get this CD recorded with the new line-up. We’ve already posted some samples of the new material on our band profile on our Facebook page. Who knows when that will be done, but we are bound and determined to get it done and out the door.

You can follow us on TWITTER now if you are into that kind of thing.

Finally, Nick and Tim have both been recently interviewed on the JimmyFro Show. You can go and listen to their interviews on JimmyFro website. Check it out – good stuff. And if we haven’t told you lately how much we appreciate you guys… let us tell you now: Without our little group of fans, WRETCH is a bunch of dudes wasting a lot of time in a basement. We aren’t making any money off of this endeavor – it’s is truly a labor of love - we love the music, we love working together as a band and just the fact that somebody likes our stuff and wants to listen to it makes it all worthwhile. So, THANKS AGAIN!

Until the next time - KEEP IT TRUE!



Well, back in February, we announced that Colin has decided to retire (see article). WRETCH is determined to find a new vocalist and complete the new album. However, we want to state that Colin was, is, and always will be a big part of the WRETCH legacy. We will miss all that he brought to the table - from his phenomenal vocals to his great lyrics. Rest assured, though, that WRETCH will continue to write and play the same great style of Power Metal as always.

As of now, we are still in the process of auditioning singers. We've been working with Bill Peters from Auburn Records to find viable candidates and have actually found a couple of good prospects. This process is going more slowly than we'd like, but great singers don't grow on trees - and there aren't a lot of us old timers around who actually want to perform real metal (plenty of cookie monster singers, but who wants to listen to that?!).

As you can imagine, all of this means our CD, which had vocals completed and was in the last stages of recording, is now back to having no vocals (or lyrics, for that matter). So now we will return to the drawing board once we find a vocalist who fits the bill. Believe us when we say that we're all chomping at the bit over here!

Anyway, we are still kicking, folks! We'll do our best to keep you posted as we sort this out. In the meantime - stay heavy! \m/


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