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Summer 2013 free shows update!

I am scratching out the whole idea about busking in Summer 2013. I think I am gonna try and do open mic instead at Clement Ave as my return to live performing onstage. It just dawned on me that it be more convenient and presentable to switch from busking to actually doing open mic in Summer 2013.

Now it's time to practice, practice, and more practice! :)

Toning Down...

At 27 years old, I think it's about time to settle down. I got a good girlfriend and a lot of dreams for me and her! Does this mean I'm retiring from the music business? Not at all. But I'm really toning down because I have a girlfriend I really love, and I want a steady and awesome future with her. Don't get me wrong, I will always be playing music and recording a new album sporadically, but I'm getting older and I'm thinking realistic about being an adult.

My real dream isn't fame and fortune. It's love and being able to share that with someone 24/7. And love left San Francisco a long time ago, and of course I will always be making and playing music sporadically. But I have a vision for the woman I love and me. And that's more fulfilling than playing sold out shows across the Bay Area and making little gain as a result of it.

So it's time to wind down my music career full-time and think realistic dreams and goals as an adult.

I thank you guys over the years for the continuing support.

Sincerely, Patrick Lew

How I feel about the public when it comes to my music.

I don't get enough likes or comments on my Facebook page for my band. But truthfully, it doesn't bother me that much anymore. As long as there's mofos listening and downloading my music I made with Heavy Sigma on here, I'm pretty sure there's people doing that online.

Regardless what people think, I am making it small as a musician.

Forthcoming free shows in 2013.

I mentioned about a month ago on Facebook about returning to live performing in the Bay Area. Despite being in rehab getting treatment for several personal issues I've been dealing with lately, I've been practicing twice a week for 2 hours preparing for my comeback to playing shows for Summer 2013 outdoors in downtown San Francisco.

I've really missed playing shows and I want to rehearse for about 8 or 9 months to prepare myself as a busker to go outdoors to play some music. I might invest in more musical gear in case I don't have the essentials to perform outdoors publicly. I won't promise anyone anything, but I do really want to play shows in Summer 2013 as I'm taking a break from recording new material at the moment. I'm planning to play some of the best songs I've created onstage, alongside some jam band free-form improvisations along with it. I won't be selling my CD, but I was thinking about getting Vistaprint to make me a lot of business cards advertising Heavy Sigma and everything.

Again, I am not promising anything and promising this will go as planned. But I do want to go back onstage, and I will do my best within the next 8 or 9 months getting prepared for it unless something holds me back.

Cheers peeps.

Right now I am playing in 3 bands.

So yeah, I'm in 3 bands technically right now. Jamming and playing some music and stuff. I'm in Heavy Sigma, Patrick Lew Band, and I'm starting a new band with my younger friends Ian and Joe at the moment. I never was in an imaginary rock band, Mr. Kao, I breathe and have the passion for music! Period.

Summer 2013 free concerts plan.

For the Summer 2013 outdoor free concerts, the one I'm planning to do, I'm gonna do 4 to 5 songs or pieces of music per set and per day. I won't do a set list, so I will be playing the best of my material since 2001 out of a hat and some hippie jam band improvisations. I am trying to persuade friends to join me. It could be just me with a bunch of guitar rig doing my rocking thang, or two people playing outdoors with our guitars. There will be promo materials such as business cards I am planning to get made from Vistaprint to get my name out.

I'm mostly a studio band. I still earn fame doing it.

I make music for home entertainment purposes like someone would go see a movie at a theater or at home on their DVD player. Like a Hollywood movie, everything is already recorded for the peeps and I am trying to make music as a studio band trying to be as exciting as a rock and roll concert, since I have no band and I don't usually play shows because of that. Some of the music I make is also too sophisticated to do onstage, because it requires more than just a rock trio to do it. Being a studio musician like Steely Dan in this one-man band is what it's like kind of right now.

Enjoy the music peeps! Don't forget to share this page and tell people to like my band and keep the 100% support for local music.



I intend Heavy Sigma as a primitive multimedia project alongside a one-man band. I want everything and everyone who follows Heavy Sigma online and here in the Bay Area to be connected to the music in the long run, and using the social-media as a way of telling a story about the band and to make people's lives better and encouraging these people I motivated to make a difference.

The reason why I don't give out details about my private life on any website is because I want the audience to focus more on the music rather than me as a person. In the end, there will be audio recordings, photography, and things written about my music online and in the press. I don't think what I do outside music is important for anyone to know.

Oh yeah! I've been contemplating a return to busking and live performing some time in the near future too. Catch me somewhere playing my music when it happens.


Some plans I have for the music in 2013!

Expect some new demos and the occasional promotional appearance electronically by yours truly, Patrick Lew, in 2013. Despite the absence of a working band or shows to do, I am gonna use my time to deliver some teasers for all of you in the studio.

I probably need an actual band, much more practice, and good connections with clubs locally to play a show. Until then, I'm right now a studio musician in a one-man band.

Some plans for the new year of 2013. :)


Changes in my musical approach.

I'm aware I'm getting older and almost 30. I intend to tone down my schedule as a musician when it comes to recording and live performing, I will always do it though whenever. Making music is always gonna happen, but I'm not intending to do music over and over again to appeal to tweens and teens and to be popular. I'm gonna grow and make music for the sake of it whenever I'm ready. I hit that certain age where serious opportunities in music are not expected, so I will use my time to make music while spending time with family and close friends.