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Good morning!

Wisdom is given by God to those who have earned it! You don't gain wisdom just by getting older or because you've gone through a few experiences in life. You earn it from being a willingly hard worker and a loving provider and protector. It is gained through virtue!

I haven't spent my entire life doing these things, but I now go to sleep and wake up desiring wisdom! Craving wisdom! Praying for wisdom! I now do all the above mentioned things to gain wisdom, and God has began to pour wisdom into my soul! It's refreshing!

No Excuse

I just want God to preserve my life. I make no excuses or justifications for neither set-backs, nor failures in my life. I am going to make mistakes and I am going to stumble sometimes. But in my heart I have salvation, with this I will receive deliverance and if I trust and believe in God, Redemption is what He’ll give me.

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