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The Hip Hop Industry

So many artists that are a part of mainstream hip hop disgrace it. I don't understand why they are raking in so much money, while making pointless songs talking about such things as hoes, diamonds, poppin bottles, etc. How many times can these things be repeated, I mean, what the hell has hip hop come to. Let's get honest for a second and think...do these songs deserve the publicity they receive...NO, I think not. The only question is what can we do to counter it, and the answer is simple, but yet not so simple. We (those who designate their music to an art-form) have to make ourselves heard and spread the true form of hip hop to those who may have forgotten or are yet to hear what it truly should be, and for those of us who come from places not so known to the world (such as Maine or wherever have you), accomplishing this may prove to be rather difficult...