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All I Would Love To Hear

All I wanna u hear u say is "this is not a dream"/ A dream like it seems/ All I want u to say is "we r both together in this and for this like a team"/ One goal,one scream/ Same celebration like a planned scheme/ I hope u know what I mean/ Walking in that garden with very colourful flowers and eating ice cream/ The kind of thing that will be up in the sky rather than go down the stream/ Something heavenly like a sun beam/ You and I ruling this world we are in/ Like we were the raining government and this was our regime/ I be ur king while u be my queen/ Feeling ur warm breath on my face like steam/ Whispering to me "i love you and on my shoulders for any reason you cud lean"/ Because for you I will do all of these and even go the extreme/

nothing but dreams

I could decide to live in my dreams and fuck reality/ But i spend more time awake than i spend sleeping in this reality/ Trying so hard to find some happiness but it seems like Mr Pain be chasing me/ And wouldnt let me be/ Trying so hard to break my way into fulfillment but how can i pick the lock when this door has no hole for a key/ I sometimes spend my nights looking up into the sky and saying a prayer whiles im on my knee/ Hoping God looks down and feels sorry for me/ And answers my prayer,but how can He?/ I ask because i dont remember myself asking Him questions during my prayer like "why me?"/ Wishing our dreams turned reality/ Is like wishing the pieces of paper we have could turn into money/ Although they are closely related and one is made out of the other/ We grow older/ just to realise what we planned our lives out to be doesnt turn out the same/ Inspired aspirations with forecasted future and perhaps over blown aim/ But which ever way it is WE'VE GOT TO HIT OUR GOALS!/