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Beginning to consider various recording options to record our material soon. It is curious that the songs we have distributed and shared from an early EP were done when we were but a three month old band. Since then, we have really defined our style with additions of three part vocals, banjo, electric guitar, bass banjo, kick drum and a lot more energy. very excited to share with the world, on record, what we "really" sound like now. cheers -CC


Well, we have finally solidified three part harmonies, incorporated a bass drum and are also playing around with a Bass-Banjo for a tune or two. Few more songs in the Bullpen. All in all, making progress.

Been a While

Been a while for a blog entry (we aren't much of a blogging group). Looks like we are over half way to our goal to get an actual full length album recorded. Continue to add new material every week and have expanded our performances to include three part harmonies and some stomping/percussion.

Generally speaking, this first year as a band has seen a lot of musical growth and change. until next time -R3

Gearing up!

This week is gonna be a blast! Thursday were celebrating Joel's birfday at the Triple Door and Rouge and Peasant. Come have a drink with us! Friday at the 2bit Saloon. Last but not least, Saturday at Folklife on the Alki stage at 8:30 pm! Come hang out in seattle!

Busy Busy

Well, we are starting to spread our wings and.....drive. February is shaping up to be the busiest month yet with shows at Hell's Kitchen, The Swiss, The Crystal Saloon, The Tumwater Inn and CI Shenanigans. In the meantime, the band works on four new songs and a few covers. Joel has been dabbling in Dobro, Jesse continues to work his new Banjer and I (Ryan) persist in working with my Bow technique. Here's to great things on the horizon!


The band patiently awaits the arrival of Jesse's Tenor Irish Banjer and Joel's Silk Screen Machine as we contemplate the 4 new originals and 4 covers we have finalized in the last 2 weeks...


Well, we have successfully survived the weekend in Leavenworth, WA with the great KC Brakes (w/Loren). Two nights of shows and eight hours of music between us. Fantastic time. Lots of jamming behind the scenes and on. Looks to be that we will return to Leavenworth hopefully in January or February 2012. -cheers

Thanks to Give (Thanksgiving)

Well, we have been together but briefly and have come so far with our collaborations. We are thankful for the fans we have. Also thanks is due to the spirits of Mandy, Martin and Grandma. Happy Thanksgiving.

Eric Heat
Eric Heat  (almost 6 years ago)

Happy Thanksgiving guys! :)