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A Review By Pete Malloy of Total Metal Radio

Fever Vein a New Jersey Metal Band that I was introduced to January of 2012 and have never looked back. Still hard to believe it's only been 2 years that I have been friends with this power pack band, and it all started with a mispronounced song title by me with there're song "Throw Me Astray" by calling it "Throw Me a Ashtray" and from there it was all uphill.

Fronted by my friend and brother Mykill Vittoria who is a great front man with a great vocal range from Melody to the Heavy Metal Scream he brings it all on that stage as he does recorded.

In this band you also have lead guitarist John Fodi, who brings more then just his guitar skills, his passion for p aying on and off the stage shows with every song that Fever Vein has.

On Drums you have the Bulldog Louis Gallo after listening to their music you can understand why he is called The Bulldog, Bulldog is a understatement more like a Pitbull on steroids.

On Bass we have Sean O'Donnell aka SID who's Bass Playing style is second to none who may have the fastest fingers on bass I have ever seen. You know when Sean is up on that stage just from listening to the style he playes.

Fever Vein is a must see band when they come to your area, they mostly play the Tri-State area but it is time for this band to break that barrier, this is a band that should hit the road and play to the masses lets all help turn this Local Band into The National act they deserve to be. Help spread the word of Fever Vein.

With songs like "Bone Crusher" " Cries Of The Weeping" and my all time favorite "Torn Destiny" well that is until they record "Hate" I seen them play Hate Live and that song just really touched home seeing that crowed react to a song I need all that read this DEMAND THAT HATE GET'S RECORDED! Demand hearing Fever Vein On TMR as well as all the other stations out there, this band does not disappoint on any level. Fever Vein is currently in studio recording there EP and should be available sometime in 2014. Be sure to like there Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/feverveinmusic Check out there Reverbnation Page http://www.reverbnation.com/fevervein

New Music

Well here we are on the day of Fri,Feb 8th,2013 awaiting the moment to head back into the studio to finish up our latest musical endeavor. Hoping that the nasty weather does'nt stop us from completing our mission. We will keep ya posted.

Screams Vid Shoot

This past thurs the boys and I(Mykill) just finished the 1st day of shooting the video for Screams of the Insane. The process for this video is gonna be long but its well worth the sacrifice. Next thurs we will be at it again. Hopefully by the end of Nov or Dec it will be complete. Stay tuned......Its gonna get crazy.


Finally. Just finished up the mixing on our new single,"Screams Of The Insane". It should be uploaded by this weekend(Aug 25th or 26th). This will not only be the first single from our 1st full length CD but this will also be the 1st song we shoot a vid for. Cant wait.

What's Next

Wow its been crazy these past 2 months. We've been in the studio recording and mixing. Back at rehearsal writing new music,and hanging out with our buddy and internet radio DJ,Big Pete of BraingelRadio. Cant wait to for everyone to hear the new stuff.Dont worry it will be out soon.


Oct 25th,2011

Today is the day.Hittin the studio with our new singer Mykill Vittoria.We are doing 3 tracks and mixing and mastering the whole thing tonight. Cant wait to get these up on the site.