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wow i have been moving back to EDM

Shit has changed a lot sense I have been on here last. I started making EDM also. I'm still going to make rap music its just gonna take time. For my EDM project I pretty much have a lot of people that can get me back on stage so I can throw down a set!! All the EDM I make is from scratch me sitting down is front of midi controllers. Playing the music with a few loops here and there that are made by other people. Check out a original rude boi style bad boi style of the EDM world. I do the lyrical shit my self even!!

Lets play a Game

i am going to make a fuck load of songs really quick and start giving them away as soon as i put the walls up in my studio i got the gear i have to set up K. i want peoples input and people want free shit. so i am going to have everyone help me make my new CD. if you got a CD that say "Lets Play" i will be numbering them like "Lets Play 5" or 1 whatever . shoot me a email if you hate the song love the trk or just have something to say about a song. tell me the Disc # and track # and i will hear you out need input good or bad let it be known this is 360 area Music Ya need to say somethin!!! Mind2ci

2012 we all DIE???

it is said that the world will end in 2012 do you think thats true??? i have my view and you should have yours! i will be making a new CD soon about how i see the end of the shit ball we live on. I am not too sure when i can get the music ready. all i can say is i have put so much time an money in to this for the love of music. i hope everyone can enjoy this odd style of music like i do Mind2ci is forever will always make music. killing you is my drug.