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we are still here....where we have always been.....we just rest.....we play darts.....

Drummonds in December

we are no longer playing on the 2nd of December, we are instead concentrating on brushing up on Boyzone and Cashzone covers....

Drummonds for a 4th time

We are playing Cafe Drummonds on Wednesday the 12th of September......

Drummonds for a 3rd time

The Rockers are playing Drummonds again on the 23rd of August

Hilltop Rockers to play Banchory?

The Hilltop Rockers are lined up to play The Burnett Arms in Banchory on the 31st of August....come along and support your N.E Hilltop Rockers

The Malt Mill in September

playing live on the 1st of September at the world famous Malt Mill on Holburn Street, Aberdeen...The Hilltop Rockers will perform all their songs (well we have only just formed really....)...come along and support your Hilltop Rockers