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Chasin Aces LIVE At The Stuart Hotel

Late last year we were contacted by Rebecca from The Stuart Hotel in Katherine to see if we would be interested in coming down and performing. Excited for our first gig outside of Darwin, we eagerly accepted. Also on board were good mates and long standing Darwin rockers Roymackonkey, and Happy Yess sound engineer extraordinaire – Miki Ensby.

After weeks of phone calls and emails back and forth, the day had finally come to pack the cars and head down. Since it was a Friday and due to differing work commitments, we left at different times, all making the 300km journey down to Katherine and leaving the rain behind us (or so we thought). Once we arrived it was all hands on deck, setting up the stage and preparing for the night. Although the weather radar had shown clear skies all day, the rain had followed us down. We weren’t going to let this dampen our spirits though as we continued to ready ourselves for a night of rock!

The weather didn’t dampen the spirits of the residents of Katherine either, as the turnout of 100+ punters in the beer garden of The Stuart Hotel was definitely a sign that the night was going to be a good one!

We were lucky enough to get NT Song of the Year finalist Serina Pech on board to support. She did an amazing job of warming up the crowd and definitely impressed both staff and punters alike.

Then it was our turn. Smashing out both old and new songs (as well as a few covers for good measure) we played on to an eager crowd who didn’t let a bit of precipitation spoil a good dance! After 80 minutes of rocking hard, we wearily dragged ourselves off stage. It was all worth it though to hear the praise and genuine gratitude from everyone for making the trip down. To top off the night, Roymackonkey performed one of the best shows I have seen in a while (I say that about all of their gigs, but I swear they get better every time!) Mixing their trademark hard rocking sound with some old time classics (including a surprise appearance from Fletcher on the mic, belting out Khe Sanh) to bring the night to an end.

By about 2am, all of the equipment was packed down and back in the van. Sitting around the table over a few jugs, we reflected on the nights events. Everyone was exhausted but still riding the wave of euphoria from an awesome night. One by one we peeled off to bed to rest up for the trip back.


Hello to all and welcome to Chasin Aces :D

I'll save the rundown (you all can read our bio while exploring our site :D) and just spill on what we've been up to. Finished our 3 track demo today and we are pretty excited about showing our songs to people outside the Darwin region. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording. Got some gigs coming up as well for those who would like to rock out to us live so check our gig guide for dates. Other than that we are kcikin it, writing more songs and having a ball along the way. That's all we have for now but stay tuned for more news from the exciting world of Chasin Aces :D

Much love :)