1. To wish for what is not, is to lose what already is. 2. The believer is happy, the doubter is wise. 3. The eventual supernova of the sun makes all arguments obsolete. 4. There are no officials, only children playing house. 5. The problem with life is that you have to live it before you can watch it on videotape. 6. The only mission is to find a mission. 7. I'm not afraid of death, I did it before I was born. 8. Laughter is a learned function. 9. Nothing is off the record. 9a. Nothing is on the record. 10. Answer all questions with questions? 11. Water never goes bad. 12.The only way to do it right is to do it right. 13. Untragic people are tragic. 14. To be normal in the face of today's society is abnomal. 15. ... 16. Fish don't build churches. 17. Consolidate. 18. Minimalize. 19. In the card game of life, everyone is bluffing. 20. As soon as you become a master fisherman, you run out of bait. 21. The dream of the poor man is the burden of the rich man. 22. Completion crises' are... 23. This ain't no dress rehearsal. 24. There ain't a lot of religious people on Saturday night, and there ain't a lot of atheists on death row. 25. Death makes art perfect. 26. Don't make it the experience of a lifetime, make it a lifetime of experiences. 27. Nothing can define you but you. 28. Everyone gets what they deserve. 29. Now is never now. 30. Wasting time by definition is impossible. 31. Everything is perfect. 32. The more you sleep, the more you sleep. The more you work, the more you work. 33. Life is not fair, but it is perfect. 34. Instinct is everything. 35. The worst truth is better than the worst lie. 36. Nobody wins. 37. Nobody loses. 38. The answer is there is no answer. 39. Talent does what it can, genius does what it must. 40. If you are not man enough to tell your Mommy what you are doing, then you shouldn't be doing it.