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The First Album

The artwork is on it's way, Tonight we go back into the studio to do some final spit and polish on the mastering. The album has been a while coming but I swear, It's not far away. Hmmm that means we need to sort out a CD launch.

We've rocked the city streets of Perth. What Next?

So far we've played our first gig at Mojo's bar in Fremantle WA to an awesome crowd, Rocked out on the back of a 9 tonne truck through the city of Perth with a police escort, playin songs about partying quite hard and driving too fast. Thankyou WA Police for not censoring "art". Hey it was for Telethon.

Our next gig that we know of is at the Railway Hotel in Fremantle on December the 10th with some truly rockin bands including the mighty Devil Rides Out. come check it out and say hello, or get me a beer.