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So far so good

June has been great so far and will only get better, ending with our 1st 2 Pittsbugh gigs back to back this weekend. 1st off, We completed mixing of our EP and now have the completed product in our hads. It looks and sounds great. We are excited about it. We are also excited about the new addition to the band, organ player Droz. He'll join us for a few tunes at both Mr. Smalls and 31st St pub at the end of the month. We'll be jamming with Droz and showing up a couple places over the summer, hopefully with a couple new tunes. Soon, the EP will be available at just about every digital outlet online so check it out! Marionettes In Waiting!

The current latest

Hey everyone, Just an update to what's going on with the band. We wrapped up recording our basement demos of the songs we will recording in a couple weeks at Ampreon studio in Youngstown. We have a goal of 4 songs. After that we'll be playing a 3 set acoustic gig at the 1810 Tavern in the Beaver area. Other gigs lined up are June 28th at Mr. Smalls for a local show and then across the river the next day at 31st St Pub with Bunny Five Coat and Channell Scorpion News. We still have some songs to tightebn up but we plan on squeezing in learning a couple new tunes and a couple new covers. Brian

The latest...

Hey everyone, here's the latest with The Redlines. We got through our 1st gig (2 sets). Scott now knows all of the songs. We hurried in through it all to be ready for that 1st gig in Feb. Now it's time to fine tune the songs so we can play them the way we wish we did in Feb! The 1st to get the fine tune treatments are the 4 songs we'll be headed into the studio with at the end of April. Going for the 4-song EP as the 1st release. Starting small. We are doing some other prep work by having some professional photos taken for press kits and social media sites. The plan is to have everything lookign slick by EP release expected for Summer. Currently looking to book a show a month starting in May.

Big Things!

We have a big show for us on Feb 16 at Wooley Bullys in New Brighton. We'll be playing two 45-minute sets and basically going through every song we know including a few new originals and covers.

We also just got confirmation that our studio time has been booked at Ampreon Recorder in Youngstown, OH. We're really excited about this and look forward to our session at the end of April.

The near future

So, here is what The Redlines are looking at in the near future (next 6 months). First, we have a test show if you will on April 20th at Howler's in Bllomfield. Tony, the bass player for the band is having a 10 year reunion show with his old band Paging Mr. Herman. He really wanted The Redlines to play just to get out of the basement and play together on stage. I reluctantly agreed even though we were still only a 3 piece (I hate being the only 6 string guitar on stage, too much pressure for me (plus singing)). The new guy, Jason, already had tickets for Bad Brains out of town that night so he won't be joining us. After that, we are going to focus on getting a few professional recordings for local radio. We'll pick the songs (no more than 4) and make sure those are real tight and ready to record. We hope to do that in June-July. After mastering, we can get a song to soem local radio stations in hopes for some airtime. The next thing would be the 1st show which hopefully will be in Aug. That's the plan!


Well, as of Feb 29 2012, we can consider The Redlines a real band! We are 4 strong now and will start to work towards our 1st goal of having 1 song professionally recorded and sent to local Pittsburgh radio. After that, we'll be ready to hit the stage with what hopes to be a trend for us of having several special guest musicians filling out instruments we don't actually have in the band! In the meantime, 3 of the member will be doing a test show on April 20th. See the events page for more details.