Ultra rare URUK-HAI stuff for sale

A friend of mine sells his ultra rare URUK-HAI collection: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380462066735

don´t miss it! -Hugin

URUK-HAI interview

New interview at Radio Rivendell: http://www.radiorivendell.com/article/2012/06/25/uruk-hai/

URUK-HAI App for IPhone & Android

My app is live! Have you downloaded it yet? It's for iPhone and Android users, and allows you to see tour dates, hear tunes, see pics, and much more right at the touch of a button! Open the following link in your mobile phone browser to install (all lower case) - http://appr.at/urukhaiofficial Hit the silver arrow to 'save to home screen'. On some Androids, can only 'bookmark' the link.

full load of URUK-HAI:

get the full load of URUK-HAI here: http://setproductions.web.officelive.com/UrukHai.aspx

6x CD Box Set LTD.44

Out now: "In The Darkness Bind Them" 6xCDr Box Set (Ltd.44) - 38 Euro +shipping! order at: coi (at) liwest.at

Rare URUK-HAI stuff at Hugin´s Discogs marketplace

Check out Hugin´s Discogs marketplace for rare URUK-HAI items!! Ask for signed copies!!! http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?seller=Hugin&st=&q=uruk-hai

New URUk-HAI stuff arrived today

Today arrived: CDr: URUK-HAI "Emyn Muil" Tape: URUK-HAI "Middle Earth Pt.3" Tape: URUK-HAI "Middle Earth Pt.4" Tape: URUK-HAI "Felagund"

URUK-HAI & Tattoo

URUK-HAI track "Farewell We Call" used for Tattoo Model Bonnie´s Slideshow: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bonnieinked

"In Durins Halls" Box Set

Out Now - "In Durins Halls (Return To The Mines Of Moria)" DoCD Metal-Box incl. Button, signed business card & hand numbered inlay!

URUK-HAI 10 CDr Box set!

"Courage Is Found In Unlikely Places" 10xCDr Box set out later 2011! it will incl. "Northern Lights" DoCD / "A Night In The Forest" DoCD/ "Tawantinsuyu" DoCD/ "Dragons Of War" DoCD & "Across The Misty Mountains" DoCD!!!