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December 2014 new single The Album 2015 " SunDiving "

Hello Beautiful People

TheModusTorn are alive and working. We decided to scrap all our demos from 2013 and start over. New demos are great, the songs are comin together. Remember " Don't let go...."


Dont Let go ......12/2013

We are Alive ......TheModusTorn......

New single out December 2013


The Band is called KissMeDeadlyNYC, im the drummer, we have been recording since february, we have some songs online for listening at http://www.kissmedeadlynyc.info ....TheModustorn is on haitus til 2014....Love for all my People...KissMeDeadlynyc is a fierce band that is my plaesure to be part of... Please go the site..http://www.kissmedeadlynyc.info

Titles and bullshit names

First Responders, Of course you are 1st responders , we call you 1st.. The name 1st responder is stupid and an oxymoron.. Stop trying to make your job more important than it is..All you took was a written test and a physical( that i wonder how you fat slobs passed by the way) So stop with the praise please , its a job like the garbage men....Clowns!!!

Problem with Society in 2013

We still Accept power from Tormentors, Oppressors, Exploiters of Humanity. We must Eradicate Priests,Statesmen, Public and Private Financiers. Policemen,Soldiers and Goverments are not needed. Following Cannibalism, Slavery came next, then we get serfdom , then serfdom with wages....

Slaves to the 1% will end soon, 99 is greater than 1 ......

Retribution followed by Revolution ......

Slaves to the Clock ........ YOU ARE !!!!

A Fan's Critique of MT

TheModusTorn name succinctly indicates the elusive flavor of their music. sparse disjointed sound fractures, altered tempos and hazy feedback which goes from industrial to ethereal as easily as the drum sounds drop from a boom to a simple pattern. raw guitars layers rage overpoweringly at times and splash acoustically at others carousingly over buried melodies .

A new Song will Be out on 12/21/2012

TheModusTorn ........

The sound of space between chords...

Hello Beautiful People

November 1, 2012 new music will be uploaded on all sites and will be available for download as well, a thousand apologies for the delay.......TheModusTorn

LetMeOut.......Control.......New music from TMT

LetMeOut ..Wakin a tightrope,with closed eyes Control ...This life is not a preview