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Who is listening II

Now finally we are here, a final stop to a new beginning, we reached an extraordinary point of hope in our time, we are here; and we don’t know it at all what to do? So anyone? Can you help you are human you are jus confuse as we are or maybe just you are playing you predestined role it’s comfortable to be who you are its easy and convincing and then here you are again and again trough out history and every where ohh… yes you are a human. So before you go to sleep again, be certain to know that tomorrow the sun will be there for me and you and for all of us that sun never misses an appointment no matter who you are, and then there is our beloved earth carrying you to your goal, no matter what you do, it’s here duty it’s our mother after all, a rich mother feeding us yet so many poor , and then there is the universe its existence it’s for you for the purpose of reaching that big dream of yours to satisfies that curiosity that unfinished story otherwise what a universal waste of space , yes space ring a bell? Well absurdly pointed I am that artist that human that unknown soul that vessel of messages carrying billions of stories influenced by time and space maybe its genetic memoires or soulful genes or just maybe a vortex of communications that needs to be shared that’s why I feel the frustration and the urge to broadcast my music and my lyrics from the mind of my heart with an infinite ray of connections. Finally, I am that receptionist of thoughts that delivers and shares your soreness and happiness … well I guess I am a pumping heart, somehow my parents knew that when they named me Eternal Beloved it is me it is “Khaled Habib” .So who is listening? because i hear you, so don’t be shy welcome to your world.

Sincerely yours Khaled Habib

who is listening? because i hear you, so don’t be shy welcome to your world.

“Beyond feelings”… I started writing these songs in the hope to achieve an understanding between me and myself, well! I am a human with a mind, a soul and a conscious and yes its personal if you consider being a human is about the influences and the reflections of our society with all its joy and pain, so concur and believe that all we are connected as part of whom and what we are, existing from that first single cell, that tiny little microscopic unit ( depend from where do we measure it I am sure it can be timeless even macroscopic for others ) though so full of hope to achieve a grandiose eternal purpose with a simple beauty and a humble modesty unconsciously but not instinctively called unselfishness What a job for just a lonely single cell!?....but I am so disappointed in us. Despite who we are, what we become and where we are going, I am sad very sad, but then there is love and empathy, there is hope and sympathy we see it every second every time we see it in a child smile, in the colors, in the stars, up and down left and right everywhere and it has been all along there inside us behind us in front of us well its feelings and it’s all good, yes these are the signs that all we have is each other and we belong to one another we are one no matter who we are or what we are or what will become of us we are that cell that blameless cell. Anyway this innocent cell pre-judged, pre destined (if I may say so depend on the plan of its creation or accomplishment) in my opinion it was created in a pre-evolution stat of co-existence and stimulated with a complex and ambiguous entity let it be an original soul, well not an entity after all! Mystery, maybe secrecy, yes of course, indeed, no doubt conceal that needs a protection. No, maybe it needs a shield from us from itself, Yes I am the power I construct fear and generate terror, I build sadness in the hearts I am the human I am that human, yes I am you a complex entity evolving to achieve that endless goal well enjoy the journey, the passage, no wins and no winners no gain no victory and you know it damn we know it, self-defeated, set for auto destruct, … we are humans, is it destiny? An auto- self-process? We are arrogant, we are the giants we are the macro-world we finally arrived, and we landed on the moon we named stars, good… good for us, solved mysteries really good… bravo.

Desperate love II

“Let see outside the box” How did I finish being there in the first place? Who put me in there? Or even better …Why did I put myself in there? Or when did I put myself in there or where am I? And where is this box? To avoid something perhaps! Probably it’s a refuge? mmmm….No its a inner innocent blindness, is it dark in there? Is it light? Is it really a box? Maybe it’s comfortable, is it needed to be in or out? Or need to be rescued from? So if it exists I want to know it better and how to deal with it if it needs to be dealt with, so I am not suffocating or overpowering? I don’t know maybe it’s good to be in the box its shielded and warm and covered, after all I am just a human evolving from a bronze age I am that little human that son that brother, that father or that mother, that sister or that daughter trying to protect or be protected isn't fair just to say that ? trying to respect the law of an outlined pathway I was not able to comprehend right from wrong, I was powerless I needed a course I just couldn't be aware of the purpose of existence I was sad in my loneliness yet belonging to a wonderful substantial creation I had to have a reason a proof to my existence so I built my box although with time this box became part of me became who I am became so valuable to me that I couldn’t let it go I made it with fear and love I made it so nice so beautiful I scripted and sculpted it with myths and stories I painted it in different colors and built it in different shapes I took it everywhere and I never left it and I showed it to everyone, people loved it some they started structuring their own boxes some they had to steal others boxes since they couldn’t put together their own yet they knew that they could have asked for aid on how to build a box nevertheless they shaped it in a violent appearance filled with odium and hatred, jealousy and suspicion, by some means it appears like it was required for their existence they didn’t know better the worse that it rooted pain and suffering, wars, hunger and despair, others they had to repaint it because they didn’t like the original color, various they had to hide their because of fear or greed , subsequently all those boxes got larger and bigger until they roofed the whole world they got so immense that no one could distinguish them or feel them, but they are there forming the stars and reshaping the universe. Yes a hopeful unsighted age with a self aware and alert. The “how “: I have a brain to resolve the known problems that have been discovered just a drop of knowledge from an ocean of mysteries that’s all we know just a drop. The “where” I have a body to be in a place but yet very fragile and weak Then there is the “when” very interesting! I have a soul a spirit for the “why” and as a final point I have the heart for the “what” What? What do you mean “what”? Yes the “what” It’s the wish, the hope, the responsibility in your heart to help yourself? Its not like “how can I help you?” or “when can I help you?” or “whom can I help?” etc… So what is the box made of? Reality…? Really…? That’s so real! Yes reality an optimistic reality it’s your box by the way it’s your cage or your shelter it’s your home, it’s your dream it’s your freedom or your burden it’s your thoughts and your choice well in the end it is you. So give yourself a second chance, an unrestricted hope of better life for an evocative life. So in case I want to build a new box from some reason I swear I don’t let it grow bigger than my heart that’s my story? What’s my box? For the reason that mine is “Khaled Habib” eternal beloved it was chosen for me and I like it. Nice to meet you my friend

Desperate love I

From the album “Beyond feelings” First song “Desperate love: “What this song is all about?

Inside the box : “Let see outside the box” I love this idiom this amazing expression , I am sure that it’s a fixed distinctive expression whose meaning cannot be deduced from the combined meanings of it actual words that comes naturally to its native speakers, it exists in all other beautifully complex languages as well. “Outside the box” or “outside the bubble”, well the “ws” as I call them: “when”, “where”, “why”, “who”, “what” and “how” well the “w” in the “how” it’s a very old letter, maybe Neolithic or Sumerian, Arabic…? Hebrew…? Anyways “let see outside the box” dimensionally speaking and artistically in a quality of appearing to be convincing and lifelike, I am inside a box trying to look outside of it! Well how did I finish being in the inside to start with? That is the “how”! A hell of a “HOW” if you ask me. Now let’s say that I am looking from outside the box and I in it, that’s the “where”, then I exist in both places looking at an effected cause of a nonlinear continuum. That’s the “when”, the “why” and the “who” is so complex and just lovely thanks, the “what” is the most important in this issue. Well now that I enclosed the ten dimensions as our scientist resolved it, in my opinion and point of view there are only 9 dimensions in this quanta particle shaped world of ours, in my estimation…I found that the first dimension and the tenth has the same origin, it’s the start point of all dimensions and the end point of the infinite loop of the tenth dimension which is in the end the first dimension – I know it gives me a dizziness too If I was a scientist my objectives are based on facts rather than thoughts or opinions, it is the “how”, if I was a philosopher my other” I” can be the “why”, if I was a historian my books and heritage could be the “when”, if I was an archaeologist my tools has to be the “where”, if I was an anthropologist my life is the “who” but the “what” is where the action is, where all starts, the stimulation, it’s our birth right to continuously exist is the excitement is all this pop up questions and the curiosity it’s the beginning of the intellect and its wonders, it’s the hope it’s the doing its the non self captivated non controlled thought it’s the future, it’s simply we start thinking for ourselves no matter who we are. to be continued...