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New Jam

Added a guitar jam I did under the PrjtX banner.. Fun Stuff.. Rise or Fall is coming soon, finally back at it !! Its in the mixing stages..Thanks to all that listen TTYL... Rick


Thanks to everyone who fanned us over the holidays... I've checked out all your music and really enjoyed it !! So much talent on here and such a cool 'big family' vibe.. All the best in 2015 !!! Rick

Thanks again...

New music is coming... but have to say THANKS to all of you that keep listening to our music !!!


Busy times lately.... got a great new PRJTX song in the works, just have to finish up the guitar parts... Also been Rockin with my old Kommonground bandmate Marty Kilbel on some new material... can't wait to share it with everyone... Thanks, stay tuned and ttysoon, Rick


Thanks for the #51 ranking on the Rock charts, much appreciated !! New tunes in the pipeline, just gotta carve some time out of life for some recording.. busy busy.. Take care, Rick

New Video

think I said somewhere on here Jeff and I send our ideas back an forth via internet. .. Jeff goes above and beyond, sending the audio and video for referance !! I just uploaded the original video he sent me for Lost In Sanity...i've mixed in the finished version with his drum track.... but keep in mind the drum part was all i had, and even deeper.. Jeff just played to a keyboard rhythm trackfor timing.. amazing.....enjoy


We were really happy with a 79 ranking.. and here we are with a 62 !! Thanx again and we've got more coming . Jeff and I love what we do but we really love that we can entertain and maybe inspire fans and artists alike... keep rockin Rick


Thanks for our # 79 ranking in St.Pete. we appreciate it!!! ...and thanks for visiting our page... we'd love ya to check out our other tunes and give us a like here and on our facebook !!

Madness Vocals...

Started work on some scratch vocals this week with bro Marty Kilbel... Kommonground bandmate Drummer /Vocalist and long time friend of me and Jeff... gonna be sweet !!

Madness.. 102 on the charts...

Thanks everyone one for giving Madness a listen... much appreciated ! Started work on our next song tonite...