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Let's Talk About Weed

So it seems that California is gonna try to legalize marijuana. Just like many other subjects, many people think it's an important issue, while I . . . couldn't care any less. So, the question here is, "Why do people smoke weed?"

For the majority of the youth*, it's all about rebellion. Rebellion is cool. Everybody wants to be a rebel, 'cause rebels are cool. That's all it's about for this group. Why do you think people get together with other people to smoke? They wanna be seen smoking weed, 'cause smoking weed is cool, 'cause rebellion is cool. I don't know what it is about being told that you can't do something that makes you wanna do it even more, and it's not just weed. It's everything: tobacco, alcohol, sex, even something meaningless like candy. Personally, I think it's 'cause you're all stupid, but that's just my opinion. Even though they might legalize weed, you'd have to be over 21 to be able to buy it; the only people that still smoke weed after 21 pointlessly, are some musicians. Let's face facts here, no one will wait 'till they're 21 to buy weed anyway. By then, most people are on to better drugs, or have stopped using marijuana 'cause they outgrew it. Besides, you'll be able to buy beer with such ease at that age. Besides that, weed'll be more expensive, and there will be harder consequences for all you high school and middle school kids 'cause it'll still be illegal for you morons to buy weed. Don't go thinking that you can get them to drop the age restriction either. 'Cause that's what this world needs: stupider kids getting dumber faster and earlier.

There are people out there who have to smoke weed for medical purposes, while you teenagers just wanna get high with your friends, just 'cause you wanna be a rebel. I don't know how you kids managed to make rebellion so ignorant. There was once a time when being a rebel had a cause, a purpose. People used to rebel 'cause of injustices such as: discrimation, segregation, unsafe working conditions, poor standards of living, and corrupt laws. Now you idiots rebel just 'cause you didn't get what you want, and everyone knows that weed kills your brain cells so don't try to deny your stupidity. I know that weed is safer than some over the counter drugs, but that's not what I'm here to argue. My point is . . . well, I don't really have a point. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Just remember the saying "all that glitters is not gold".

*youth being defined as people under the age of 21

The Truth About Incest

First of all:

I'm not into incest nor do I participate in anything that may be considered taboo

With that outta the way, I have grown tired and annoyed of people who call incest gross and disgusting. I don't know how or even why we've been tricked into thinking that way all of a sudden. I'm convinced that it's some sort of marketing scam, but that's not what this is about. This is all about history. This is one of those matters that passes even religious beliefs. So if you're gonna comment about God deeming incest immoral or anything like that, you should read your bible so that you don't look like an idiot by doing so. Even if you're an Atheist, I'm not gonna debate you if you think incest is gross. That's not what I'm here to debate either.

The world started with a man and a woman having children. Whether you believe that God created Adam and Eve, or that we evolved from monkeys is up to you. Point is, without incest that's where humanity stops growing. Without incest, those kids don't have any kids of their own, and since kids that don't excist can't have kids, the world we see fucked up before us, is completely different.

It's true that incest can cause some genetic problems, but there were ways to ensure that those problems didn't stick around. People way back then took any baby that was deformed or that appeared to be unstable and killed them.* Obviously, no one keeps us with this practice anymore, 'cause if they did, I wouldn't have to deal with a bunch of thoughtless idiots that cast judgement on things they know nothing about.

*This statement may or may not be true. I think I heard or read that somewhere but, for the life of me, I can't remember if they were talking about this same topic. So I wouldn't pay too much attention to this statement, if I were you.

The Concept of Love

There's no such thing as true love. Love isn't an emotion. It's an idea thrown on the world just 'cause people will believe it and want it. Humans are most vulnerable when they want something; especially when it's an idea whose concept can be changed and is changed way too often in this world so that the hunt for this "love" is most profitable. I've seen people who truly care for each other and who truly trust each other, and it is NOT the same "love" presented by the media. Espicially romance movies. Romance movies are one of the greatest evils ever created by man, because they expose weak women to a bunch of bulls*** that most men won't do. When have you ever watched a romance movie based on a true story? The answer is NEVER, because true men aren't like that. These movies have set a new standard for men. A standard that most can't and won't keep up with, and because the men don't, some women leave. Others start to believe that they don't deserve to be treated romantically. They start to doubt themselves and sulk for a few days. During those days they might watch TV and just happen to stumble upon a commercial that implies that they're not good enough. So, to make themselves "beautiful again" they buy whatever lipstick or make up. When in reality, it's just not in a man's nature to be that way. Most men who are that way fake it because it seemed to be the easiest way to get laid.

The whole concept of love is now based on money, much like everything in this world. These women want flowers because the girls in the movies get flowers. Now every man in America has to buy flowers. Even those who say that they don't care about romance eventually break down and will start to crave it. If you ask almost any woman what gift would let them know that the man they're with truly loves them, 8 out of 10 will say diamonds. I don't know why nobody else can see it. It reflects the sunlight right into our faces. Most women can't even tell you what the symbolism behind using a diamond ring to propose. Hell, most women don't even know that the diamond is supposed to be used as a symbol.

This idea of "love" presented to us by Hollywood is nothing more than an attempt to get more money out of our wallets and into theirs. It's all it ever was, and it's all it'll ever be. I have no hatred toward people were lucky enough to find some one that can make them happy. I simply wrote this to remind women that there's a significant difference between true love and love by Hollywood.

Just a little side note: I'm doing a song based on this one, so if you're a girl that can sing, and you think you'd be interested, feel free to let me know

I Dont Get You Kids These Days

Why is everyone in such a need to find the "right one"? I simply can't figure out why 13 year olds are so eager to be in a relationship. What do u expect to get out of it? What's the advantage of getting involved in romantic love at such an early age? That's why so many teens end up pregnant. The sooner these kids start falling "in love" the sooner they learn how to express it physically. Which is why you have pregnant 15 year old walking the streets. You kids watch too many romance movies. Romance movies never show you how painful rejection truly is. They just show you how they meet, when they get to know each other, what I like to call "the redemption scene" and the happy ending. They ALWAYS show you 2 people that are meant for each other. They never just show a couple who don't match. If they do, they show the main character (usually a woman) being "saved" by another person. Which is why guys don't like other guys talking to their lady. Then a break-up due to jealousy. Then another girl. It's a cycle.

Maybe Its You

I've noticed that a lot of girls are complaining about the fact that they keep getting lied to and cheated on. Let's get this clear: I, in no way, am I saying you deserve this, 'cause no one deserves to be treated that way. However, I can't just sit here, specially with the amount of free time that I have, and let you think that every guy will mistreat you. Instead of just blaming the whole male gender for YOUR bad experiences, you should look inside yourself to find out what it is about you that keeps attracting those assholes. Maybe you put out a certain vibe that brings those type of guys. Like I said before, no one deserves to be mistreated, but you can't overlook the fact that this keeps happening to YOU. Just for once, go out with a guy you normally wouldn't go out with. I've never asked anyone to compare themselves to other people, but I think that's the only remedy for this problem, 'cause not every girl goes through that.

I'm tired of girls assuming that all guys are abusive jackasses that will lie and cheat. Those thoughts will get you NOWHERE, but they seem to be gaining strength.

Whether it's bad luck or just poor judgement is up to you ladies to discover on your own.

(I know this blog is a little one-sided but if any of you care enough to comment this I'll gather my opinions on why men cheat.)

How Men Fall In Love

A lot of girls are bitchin' about guys that only wanna have sex. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. EVERY guy wants to have sex

2. Those who say they don't, are lying to you, have small penises, or they just don't know it yet

3. The only reason most guys over 15 (this age has decreased over time and will continue to do so) will talk with you is because they want a chance to get inside you (not your heart)

4. Everything most guys do and say is an attempt to see you naked

5. Those who you consider friends might still wanna sleep with you

6. For certain people, you having a boyfriend won't stop them from hitting on you

7. Most men will listen to you (or at least pretend to) just to make themselves into a person you'd wanna sleep with. However, when a man listens, he might like what you're saying. It might be funny, a truth he himself follows. Point is, he likes what you're saying and that's how men fall in love. By trying to sleep with you, so quit bitchin'.