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Truth is....

Truth is, we started doing this for nothing more than self fulfilling enjoyment. We play to our strengths and pretty much only do what we like. Our biggest goal in the beginning was to get a "good job" from our friends and maybe open a show at the local watering hole once in a while. In our wildest dreams, we could have never imagined our fan base would become vast and rabid and elevate us to a level that could have never even been considered. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts because without each and every one of you, we would still be thrashing away in the Hobart St. basement with no real goals or dreams. You did all of this. You made all of this possible. We would make music even if you didn't listen but you do and it is the most incredible, inspiring, wonderful thing about this entire Second Rate Citizen thing. There are four of us playing but the most valuable member of this band stands on the floor listening and it is all of you! You are all a member of this band and again, THANK YOU! - Mike