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Came A Long Way Now We Rolling!

Alright I only have a couple of $8 tickets left for THIS SUNDAY SHOW at THE REDLINE TAP 7006 N. GLENWOOD AVE. at 7pm. Hit me up on here or visit https://tickets.aftonshows.com/MannyDuke as always thanks goes out to everyone for the love and support. Promoters that put their trust in me for being a great show every time like DJ SP1, Ola Ali, Ashley from GorillaMusic and Amy from Afton! I'm strictly talking about those who seen me rock out or rocked out with me from Monmouth's College Bijou with dope Damien Chan, Ashford with Da Sickness(Chacho, Nick Nicholas Daw Gaylen Strange Chink$ to the Wild Hare with DMeeks and Mikey Streetz opening for acts like Big Sean, GLC, Shawna, Rhymefest, Willie da Kid, rocking out Houston's Krystal V.I.P with David Novelt St James with Simon. KC and Milwaukee with YP and Adebesi. Dope as Christmas Shows at Subterranean with Black Collar and U.S Beer with Reign Mfn Mizzy Iowa State with Milla Boy, Netto Joel VS Neto Man, Beware The Shrine with UAC, Smiff-N-Wessun and of course Drunken Monkee Now being a staple at Reggies Reggie's Rock Club, Chicago, IL. and SubT feel like the train just coasting because the tracks seems endless!

Doing bigger Shows Now days

The Rymefest show.

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