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This is music at its purest

Though hailing from different backgrounds and cultures, the duo of Marcus Savino and Omar Martinez share 1 common goal: to help people re-discover the power of catchy, intricate music backed by thoughtful, introspective words. The beginnings of MSP began in 2007, when Marcus and Omar became co-founders of the popular Orlando band Kings In The Attic. Gaining a certain sense of notoriety with their proficient musicianship and earnest lyrics, they began to accrue a following. Unfortunately, like many bands, internal friction drove them apart, never allowing KA to fully realize their potential. Moving in different directions both musically and personally, Marcus and Omar remained in contact, batting musical ideas and theories between them. As time passed, these 2 friends discovered that their common interests in music and life had not changed. Realizing that together they can create something special, they decided to embark on an ambitious, cross-country project, simply called MSP.

They recorded their anticipated debut album ORIGIN over the winter of 2011. These 6 songs showcase their love, passion and beliefs. From the powerful title track to the somber "Wisper, " each song tells a story that is dear to their hearts. This is what the roots of music come from: simple chords, strong leads, powerful vocals and passionate words