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Blackstone performing at Buckeye Blues Fest!

Blackstone will be performing at one of the biggiest Bluesfestivals in the world this summer at Buckeye Bluesfest featuring a huge roster of national blues acts and the best Ohio and the US have to offer. 100 bands over 4 days. More than 150,000 people. This will be one that will change the game. www.buckeyebluesfest.com

Patience... all in good time.

Being a musician is more about faith than your skill set. You could be Hendrix reborn, but without a support group, planning, online promotions and some kind of business/marketing plan you better be praying for success to fall in your lap.

The music business has changed and you adapt or die. Albums don't matter anymore. Good songs matter and they come ONLY if you're listening. One at a time...so keep listening for it. They will come... .all in good time. .

Blackstone  (over 2 years ago)

Love this - so true -Kellie Levans- Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner-

Writing a song.. when is it ready?

When is a song ready to come to life? No rules. Just remember it will live on passed your lifetime and THEN you write. Music is forever. Make it count.

Holiday Plans?

Holiday Plans for Blackstone? Yes!! We will be recording with the new lineup and working on our sophmore release. Oh yeah, and booking , booking and booking !! If you'd like us to come to your neck of the woods, let us know!! \m/ #blackstonerocks

Thank you!!

We just want to thank our great fans for being so supportive and spreading the word. Our following has grown expendtially and its amazing to see so many different age groups. Not just 20s and 30s, but 40s and even up to 60s at our shows. Music speaks to all ages and you're never too young or old to rock. We love each and every one of you. New fans to the original few that have been there since day one. See you soon!!

New Album material ...

Jroc and the boys are working on the material for the new album. "Working with these guys is going to put a really cool twist on the new stuff." says Jroc. "Look for a demo this fall".

All night show at The Train Station!!

We'll be playing all night at The Train Station in Elyria, OH this saturday. We'll also be giving away a pari of tix to The Pat Travers Band Show at The Cleveland Agora feat. Blackstone on 5/28!!!!

Blackstone casting new stones for 2nd release!!

Frontman, Jroc says he's writing new material for the sophmore release from BLACKSTONE!!! "I'm having a ball writing the next tunes. I thought I'd be more stiff and preoccupied with topping "Cast The First Stone". I'm just having fun. It's art... can't fake it. It comes naturally."



Cast The First Stone available now !!!

Cast The First Stone available now everywhere.. iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, XBOX music.. many more!