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Avoiding negativity is my new goal

It's harder to do than you would think. I have learned by not playing or even mentioning my songs, some people like me more.Maybe it is the negative songs that put me so far away from everyone. "Like You"..."King Of Coverland".."Under the covers"..."Black River Drive-In"..."Love Is Blind".."Song Title Song"..."Acceptance Speech"...A lot of my songs poke fun of the very people I have known most my life, including myself..all cover musicians. I got very jaded and felt unappreciated in this small town as a songwriter churning out dozens of songs each year expecting people to accept me as I am, learn and play my simple to play music like you would any other artist out there. Would it be so impossibly horrible for the crowd of jamming local musicians to listen a few times and play a couple of my songs ? No it wouldn't,they instead look for the easy win-over material so they can pat each other on the back and say how great they were tonight making everyone happy and dancing. If I paid people to learn the material maybe I could get to play it in public like a friend of mine does. I don't have extra green to push my ideas or I think I would have had a nice album by now and a few fans. I have the material, just need the interest of others, players and listeners. As I'm writing this I am figuring things out.and still looking for that angle that lets me perform my songs in public with sonic and emotional backing. It takes cash. Being a musician is somewhat like being a government figure, you need cash to make others interested,get in the public eye and do what you need to do. Do you think Hillary or Trump would be anywhere without the cash and connections the cash has made them? If they were local yokels standing on the square next to the thursday Jesus yelling guy trying to make a point and get a vote , people would drive straight by and ignore, just as my community here does to me.So that's the answer, get some cash, pay the players, get an album recorded correctly together and play in public. That is how I can avoid negativity. Then there's the other crew that shows up. The "I told you he was great" crew and the "I hate that guy, he's over rated crew. I'll worry about that when I get there.

I just added another song

I was cleaning my basement. I have a ton of music past items and songs down here all over the place. It' s like a Tom Mitchell Music hall of junk and recordings. I came across this track on a 4 track tape of me drumming in my old house on 704 Arsenal st.I was cleaning and listening, and all of a sudden I hear"Just get your notes right and remember the lyrics!" I replied "I Hate Your Fuckin' Lyrics!" (even though they're MY lyrics!" lol) It's quotes from a movie "Still Crazy". Darren and I both know every line of that movie and repeat them often. lol I know who is drumming on this track, it's Darren Blanchard. But I'm not sure who is on guitar, who ever it is, they were freakin' ripping on this track. It was either Dan Banker at my house at 704 Arsenal St. while staying over just before a Hevansent tour, or Alex Bay guitarplayer Phil Pompwiny. I remember doing a recording session with him once in the Bay. The song is called "The Real Me". It has some really nice parts.I'm glad I found the song before it got washed away in time like so many of my other songs did.Have a listen. It seems to cover 3 decades of influences. 70's vocal, 80's driving bass and 90's alternative vocal. I love the song. Like so many others of mine,If put in a real studio with real gear and a producer maybe, I'd be all set rocking the world every night like I'm supposed to be doing. Well , off to bed I have a long day ahead. Peace, Tom

What's up dingleberries!

Me? Just doing the same stuff when I get a day off. Writing songs about my life and observations. I Just recorded "Buffering". Listening to it a day later I don't like the vocal approach much. I do like the lyrics and message. And I like the energy and double bass drumming, sloppy as it is. It's ok. I can't write tight hits every time! I get a few sour grapes in the vine. I'm not a machine! Just (trying to be) an artist and writer. I used to bury the lame'o's, but time is getting short and maybe someone could find the beauty in the song I spent hours of recording to make and entertain them.. for Freeeeeeeee? (movie..bedtime stories) lol

Please buy some of my songs? I have 30 available directly from me.

I have a paypal account. To buy a song, simply go to your Email. Send a note to me.(oldchevysneverdie68@yahoo.com) requesting which songs you would like. All you need is that info to buy my songs directly from me. Send me the song titles you would like and I will send you the mp3! I will check my paypal and email regularly.When I receive the dollar per song, I will then send the mp3 to your email. This way. It's just you and me.:) I'll check my email every day to see if anyone would like one or all of my 30 songs. I would like a dollar a piece for the songs.I will also sell a hard disk with cover, all 30 songs for 20 dollars!I would give them away as I always had. But am finding I am now in need of cash flow to continue to write and record. I'm now working a lot and am too tired to write or record.Help out a struggling artist. As you can see I have spent a lot of time and energy making this music. It's my lifes work. Please help me continue? Thanks for reading. Peace and love to all God's creatures.Not just people.Take care, Tom Mitchell

FreeVibes Show Thompson Park Watertown New York

The freeVibes show was a lot of fun! I saw and heard a lot of talented and nice people.Bill Draper, whom I had been in a bad with 10 years ago was there, he started the show.He writes some really neat songs and plays well. Then there was a few other acts.There was this punk guy that sounded really great! Great lyrics and delivery. I had started to get ready. Tim Marra and Ryan Hardy did a very cool acoustic set. I brought a friend along on drums.Joel Pilon.We go back many years in bands doing originals.He called me Tuesday "hey man, can I come play the drums for your show on Sat? I said, "I'll think about it. he called Sat,"well can I come jam or not? I said " Have you been listening to any of my Reverbnation site songs? This show is very important to me, I can't have funky stuff going on." I got a lot of weird beats going on and some of them are so out there, even I can't play them again."I then said "Later I got to go get ready" and hung up. I sat on the bed with my guitar and thought of Joel, his life, my life, the conversation we just had and thought of an email from the famous keyboardist for Journey once said to me. I had written him and said something like " Greg, You are so great.I'm trying to write songs and get a band together, no one wants to hear me. I write and record year after year in the smelly cellar and don't know how to become a performing artist. Greg said " Tom, Music is for sharing and bringing people together, Get out of the basement and go play your songs with and for people!" I called Joel back and said " I'm sorry man, please come play. I have kit you can use". He came over and we went.Thanks for coming along bro,you did great! The set started with me not plugging my mp3 backing tracks I had prepared in to the mixer correctly.I couldn't use it.After one shitty song I was in despair my idea of making this Frankenstein come alive was going down the can. We did " Under the Covers" and my les Paul was out of tune and it was coming through my vocal monitor sounding real processed and crappy.My dream of rocking did not look good. I had brought my Fender Princeton 2 1/2 and had it on it's side to use as a table for my powered mixer.I plugged into that, which sucked only because I'm not familiar with the amp and would run over turn the knobs, I couldn't see them, and run back to the mike for the vocals. I brought a tape deck to record my set, had it forever, guess what? It' don't work.So that was out too to do a recording. I looked at my mixing board again and figured out there is 2 1/4 inch holes for cords on each channel. I had them in the bottom ones, I remembered I needed the top ones! The mp3 is now working,now if the battery holds out. I had played for hours with it the night before and forgot to recharge it with my pc.After fiddling, my guitar tone has greatly improved, I can hear my tracks and know them well.Frankenstein starts to walk. I went into "Your Mother's A Monkey" Joel was doing good,leads were working,vocals were coming through the monitor nice. I had it all.We went into "Time Warp" and it really was sounding killer as my monitor was raging at the peak of its power right in my face. I had never heard my tracks at this volume,It blew my mind.I was feeling great.After that was "Whip It Out" a straight rocker, went fine and had some nice lead time to play with.We then went into "It's Time" .Now Joel jumped the gun on that one,the beat doesn't come right in. We got going and it went fine.We finished with "Acceptance Speech". There was this little kid,like 4 or 5,doing all kinds of dancing.lol he did the v finger cat eye thing, some break dancing,it was funny. We got done and packed up,said goodbye to vising friends as the next band prepared, they were called The Almighty Blues" vocals/mandolin,guitar and drums.I liked them.Until next time, remember It ain't over until Tom Mitchell sings " Acceptance Speech".


This is a rough track done last night, I did all one takes. I had the lyrics from a previous writing session.. I looked at them and sang them this way with these chords.I think it's about how people come in and out of each others lives and it's hard to put into words how much it hurts when they go, and how great it feels when they show up! haha or vice-versa! lol I really like the song. I could hear a whole band doing it and helping with the vocal harmonies, it would be really fun to do.I might want to move the words around a bit, drop a verse and add leads instead, and do a lead outro jam like I like to do. You hear this song once, you might say,, oh ya, that's a Tom Mitchell song I heard years ago. The song is one day old today. I'm working with a friend today. Looking forward to it! Peace.

Hey There , Tom Mitchell music videos are available.

If you want to watch my vids better , go straight to youtube "Tom Mitchell" or from my videos on here there is a button in the corner to go there. This Reverbnation player skips on me the whole time.And thanks all you people who played my tracks! I'm climbing fast! I'm number 2 tonight in 13601 rock genre.. all the way from number 10, two days ago.My latest post " You Can't Hold Me" is just vocal , bass and drums, and ( like Christopher Walken suggested) it really explores the spaces between.The sparseness and vocal/bass harmonies make it different. I also love the moving staccato hits. That was Jeff's doing and it made the song. Along with his laying back on the bridge and coming back into the chorus beat. At one point, my voice is almost all alone. I never do that. I found it refreshing.During this recording, I had just come off tour opening for EnuffZnuff , they have a Beatles harmony/melody influence as well, I was influenced by them live, and this is the product.Along with my own words and timing .And Jeff's, he likes Nazareth and Uriah Heep and many others. I hear them in there.I post this as a tribute to my longtime friend and drummer Jeff Babcock.We were called "Self" before there was a popular radio hit band Self. The only 2 man garage band at the time I knew of that did shows in Watertown, well,, us and" The Viking Kings" which I joined later after Jeff moved away. Miss ya man. Tommy

A Shortened Bio

In public and most my bands, I have always been a supportive role player.I'm naturally a mellow "ok, whatever you guys need" type of guy, and still am.But I'm finding in these last few years, the songs I have written have got increasingly good. The lyrics especially.The chords and riffs have changed quite a bit.I used to get drawn into albums and feel the magic these greats were laying down.At 13, I wanted a guitar, by 15 I had a Memphis Les paul copy and loved it.I joined a band in Milford Mass. We played a "jumpin Jack Flash" at a house party and I was pretty happy.My shift to bass was on Dimmick St. Watertown NY. Mike Hyler walked by as i sat on my porch picking my black Les.He asked if I wanted to play bass.He gave me a bass and amp I still have today. I found I was pretty popular as Mr Bass and carried the badge around for many years.It might still be in my drawer somewhere. I had not forgot about playing guitar and would play it at home. I remember one night in a house we called "The Castle" on Ten-Eyck St. I wrote a riff on a Gib SG I had obtained at a second hand shop on the corner of Massey and Arsenal. I remember it today.I thought "If I can write this stuff similar to these great bands, I will in fact be great also!" It was a good riff, but with zero lyrical or vocal ability I was discouraged.I joined a local tight band in bass doing Rush and Night Ranger.It was great but I wanted more.I wanted to sing and play guitar. I tried here and there, I still was not very good. Mike Loftus calls me up and askes me to go to florida and join a band on bass. I did. And it could have been great.The band broke up. I could have stayed. but my daughter was in her Moms belly and figured I tried, and there will be other bands, the rock gods will forgive my retreat.They did not.I worked as a dump trucker and dance band bass slinger to feed my family.Around 1993, I took a dive onto my skull falling off the top back of my dump truck. It wasn't long after that I was acting strange, left my woman and child,moved away and started writing the songs again down south. But this time, the songs started to sound like something.I still could not hold a candle to Kansas and Rush, Scorpions and journey etc. but at least I was improving. Along came the grunge to destroy all the virtuoso sounds coming out of the radio. And I said " damn I'm better than these guys already, and they're making money!" So with a new approach, I wrote about anything that came to the mike through my voice and guitar and said whatever my thoughts were no matter what the content or how personal.I have been lucky enough to have the time and support of my family to write all this music. I need to get out there and at least see these songs come to life a few times and not just in headphones every day. Every original show I do is very special to me.I can't worry about what anyone thinks of me. I'm not after chicks, I'm not after cash, I'm not after fame.I'm after me, and how I can better myself as a singer/songwriter.


I've been writing songs since the beginning of time,it's time I start performing them for people.I wrote Journey's Greg Rolie once,he actually wrote me back! I told him I wrote but never get out of the cellar to perform what I had written. He said " Tom , music is for sharing with people, get out of the cellar and go perform". Greg, I'm finally going to do it. The rest of this winter I will prepare for a working band,select songs for a complete cd, do some shows and hopefully gain some fans. The songs I posted lately have been very quiet and mellow.I can also unleash the other sides of me which can be nothing like this music posted.I think I'll post a bunch of other style songs here on Reverbnation. Some really good ones are just waiting for the right people to bring them to life.I can hear them as full complete songs The emotions in my music cover all bases. I usually hide the angry ones.Oddly enough, it seems like anger sells more than any other style of emotion in this day and age.

"Gods Little Angels" a song by Tom Mitchell

I wrote this song 3 days ago,but had to go on a road trip.I'm back and recorded this semi- raw version over the last two days.I could have added more fillers and melodies to go along, but feel the message and song is presentable as it is for what I do with the gear,writing /recording space and time that is available. Perhaps re-arranged and recorded by better players in an expensive studio this song could be great. To all the people that lost loved ones in Newtown last week, this song is for you and all the people around the world missing loved ones that have passed. I hope this songs message finds you and helps you find a way to keep living and not feel guilty for having the best life you can.I truly believe they are watching and listening and want that. They would not want you to give up or in. I think my songs are better than the songs I have played to make money in bars for decades.I need to get past the bar scene, cover scene and do real shows in real venues where I belong. 2013 is going to be very interesting. I have an arsenal of new songs and am ready to put a set and album together that can be describes as nothing short of beautiful.