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Otro Lyric

I'm not thinking clearly The words that go on in my head Calling out for my death And I hear them crying over and over again But I'm not alone here You stand at the foot of my bed Hair pulled down, it's black and it's wet Your jaw's hanging down and you're obviously de-

And it's all over now But ever since you set me free All these voices are haunting me I was so close to you, I could almost feel you breath Now lying awake I hear them.

So how did I get here? And why haven't I reached the end? My mind is a fog, I forget to remember to think about it again. And where are you now? Are you haunted by me in your head? I hope your walls break down I hope the fog has found you and never returns you again.

And it's all over now But ever since you set me free All these demons are haunting me I was so close to you I could almost feel you breath But now lying awake I hear them I hear them.

Jenkies! Lyric

Freezing cold, the shivering's inside me Now I know they got me on the run I'm terrified of police I'm always seeing lights Someone tell me that I'll be allright

I can't describe to you The things I do inside my own head The message written on the ceiling says "I'm under your bed" This thing I'm going to do Was told to me by monsters You'll never understand the bigger plan Until we're all dead

Driving in my car I notice lightning Strange to see on such a sunny day I suffer from addictions, I see hallucinations God I wish they'd all just go away


In the streets is filled with fucking zombies Faces all around me I don't know With intentions of invasion I know I'll be imprisoned I turn to run there's nowhere left to go


Dragons Lyric

I'm sorry that I said it was none of your business I'm sorry how I talked about how big my dick is I'm sorry I had my doubts And how I left you out

But I'm trying my hardest And we just got started But lately I'm falling And shrouded in darkness I'm sad and it's tragic The world's full of dragons But no matter what happens I hope you remember, You're never alone

Remember when we painted cuntflaps on my wall? We had no worries, nothing mattered at all Why can't we go back To the way it was before But I can't do anything right


Leave this behind us You're never alone

Carrie's Asian Lyric

Peeling the skin, You'll never believe it When he's snapping pennies Into your cleavage I was there But you didn't see me the television screams and now everything's wrong

When carrie's raging, you're filling with interest till the bloody firey end and when everyone know's you, you're the center of attention, but you never seem to blend in

What muscle is the vastus lateralus But you never said, that there'd be a test And I can't help but wonder if there's someone between us From where you've been, now it's anyone's guess

When carrie's raging, you're filling with interest til the bloody firey end And when everyone know's you, you're the center of attention, but you never seem to blend in

You Never Knew Lyrics

The rope is tied and you're standing on your chair But don't look down, cause you're already there You never though it would go this far But I'm here to remind you of who you really are

You know, every day, I'm facing my death Driving in my car, I try to light a cigarette I'm not goin away, cause I'm here to fight The table's turning around It's not over yet

Cause you never knew That you were the one who led me to who I am today And it was you, when all the others were happy to pass me by So I try Every day To get by I remember the night when you ran me down See I am standing here now and it was you but you never knew

Yes I know it'll never get better Yes I know it's not in your head Yes I know life get's so hard Yes I know we're all falling apart

Yes I know, but it's all your fault Yes I know, no, I won't catch you when you fall You can scream at me, but I ain't leaving We'll live right now, I'll give you a reason