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Just letting you guys know that we are in the process of finishing our EP that we recorded over a year ago, some things take time and we thank you for your patience. Stay tuned for more to come....

October Newport Show

Hey guys we're just seeing if anyone would be interested in putting up flyers in and or around Columbus to promote this show. We're looking to create a street team to spread the word. If anyone is interested contact Corrine at merch.

Hookah In the Hills

Hey guys we're getting excited and ready for this weekends upcoming shows. Make sure to pack your warm clothes and possibly rain gear. This is one show not to miss so we hope to see all your smiling dancing faces out there with us

This weekend shows

Hey guys, we as a band would just like to let you all know that we are looking forward to these two shows this weekend in Tera Alta at the wonderful Sunshine Daydream and The Thunderbird cafe in Pittsburgh. We're looking for people to join our street team and get the word out, so if you have some free time to help us out and wanna get your favorite band more exposer then jump on board. Also we will be blogging after the shows and letting you (the fans) know what we thought about the show and what were highlights for us. Stay tuned Hookah Heads......

New to Reverbnation

After 20 years still going strong just getting up to date with all the new websites, apps, and widgets.