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PON #3

So here we are, back at fully staffed ;) and we've been hard at work on our latest newbies (4 that we hope to have show ready soon)....

So that's fun. And also, we participated in the successful launch of Twin-Town Cream, a collaborative venture with an eye on opportunities. The network is made up of 5 really cool bands from around town, all delivering their own vision and version of a take on blues and rock. We will get many more details out on the new effort, but for now we'll just shamelessly plug the new site:


There you can find the roster of bands, samples from every group, pictures and video and press. Head over andncheck out the talentmon display, play a coupletracks...we'll keep adding more songs etc as we go...

So that's happening.

And now our work has bear (beared, bearn, bore sp?) fruit...we've had a good handful of show offers come through and we're working on a bunch more. The idea is we'll combine our current booking efforts and leverage our strengths and connections to have a chance at some really good opportunities. If we're not successful, it won't be for lack of hard work.

So about that fruit, well The Wolf I Feed is taking advantage of a few of the offers (along with some of the other bands in the network), and will be playing 2 shows in May. More details to follow but 5.9 and 5.18 are the dates.

So there's that.

Yeah, I think that's about it for PON three. If you read to here and aren't named Gary, Elliott or Matt, you're far too kind! ...and maybe bored, jk


Matt is real!

For those being serious or smart asses, yes we have our new bassist. He's been practicing with us for a month now and things are going really well. So no, this was not an April Fools joke as some of you inquired about.

With Matt on board we'll be booking again now and are excited to unveil 4-5 new songs.

Onward and upward

PON #2

Theres a man in our default page with a caption of, "who is this man?" He is a man. He is Matt. Matt is a bass player. He is in fact, a man named Matt who plays bass, for us. He's good. We're having fun. It's exciting. PON#2 was way cooler than #1. Welcome, Matt. The man. The bass player.

More to follow..on what this piece of news (PON) means for us, but a hint is...a lot.

P.O.N. #1

We have a lot of info to share and at this point are going to break them into 5 parts...some are exciting (classifiable as good news), while news of the first kind is of a more somber nature.

Piece of News No.1 - Our friend and original founding member Mike Saric (Bass) and the band have gone our separate ways. The decision made a month ago was one of necessity and in no way reflects acrimony, but rather, life sometimes happens. Playing alongside Mike was always enjoyable, and while we'll move forward, we will miss him.

We take this forum to publicly thank Mike for his many contributions in the form of ideas, hard work, reliability, and an always interesting sense of humor. It could never be said that Mike doesn't have a personality all unto himself.

Thanks again Mike and we look forward to hanging out again sometime. Derek Gary Elliott


A bunch of updates re: booking, shows & our lineup will be out soon via our blog so please come back and check it out. Meanwhile, we have a BIG practice tonite that we hope goes GREAT. And have some exciting news to share, but are still putting all the pieces together.

More soon, we promise!

Be well! TWIF


Everything business related is built from people - and people like to work with people they've had past positive experiences with. This is why networking is such a vital part of a thriving business, community, and of course, individual in their collective pursuits. We're hard at work on a networking project of our own that's really exciting to be a part of & will launch/be announced soon - we're extremely excited about the potential of the group and the opportunities we will seek and find together. More (and more) on that ASAP! Thanks for checking in.


Not brand-spankin new - but new all the same!

We posted up a new rendition of one of our newer songs: Check out what we're entitling "Dirty Salesman" - which is an uptempo take on a song we'd recently started playing called "The Salesman."

We like the speed and grit and spit of this version - what do you think? For reference, click the "All Songs" tab to hear the original way we played this classic blues shuffle.

So yea, please let us know if you like one or the other better. All feedback welcomed.

Thanks! TWIF

New Songs!

Posted a new song: "TheHowl-2nd Run" http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/168325725 #music

Here's the second run through practice of The Howl. We think from the day we made it up to this 2nd practice of it, there's some real improvement. Check it out and let us know what you think. We're really looking forward to smoothing this one out and having it show ready. Speaking of New, we also have a couple other newbies we've just tried a time or two - they include (tentative titles) Blizzard Blue and Sunday Blues. The first has a Radiohead sort of taste to it, while the second is as Pink Floyd-sh as you'll find The Wolves sounding. They both have a ton of work to be given to them before their ready for public consumption - but that's not to say we're not extremely pleased with our volume of quality output. So please keep checking in and checking out the new tracks we're posting - and if you have opinions, critiques, compliment and or complaints - LET US KNOW. Sound off! We want to keep getting better and your feedback really helps. Last, related to shows - well, we're certainly putting our necks out there and our name in the hats...so far we've reached out to 331 Cafe, The Cabooze, The Acadia, Amsterdam Bar, and Honey - and really look forward to working with these venues to establish a show schedule for the first 1/3rd of the 2013. If you have suggestions of other shows or represent a venue or club looking for a new talented group that promotes and draws well - we might just be a fit. We know we put on killer shows and can count on our fans to come out and support us - which is awesome to say. So thanks everyone!

Our appreciation as always, TWIF

New New New

Killer practice last nite! We're really feeling "in the groove" right now, which is such a fun place to be. We plan to release out our new ideas/songs and have been making NEW at a whirlwind pace. Excited 2 share so keep comin back! Thanks as always!

New Year

Happy New Year from The Wolf I Feed - to any and everyone who checkes out our page. We're really looking forward to a huge 2013 full of great music, fun, & making strides - & we fully wish nothing less than the same 4 our friends & fans!

Being we believe that it's important to list out your goals, and be willing to offer them up to scrutiny, we'll be adding a blog post soon of what you can expect to see TWIF achieve this year. Crossing these items off will be our main focus, and we're not afraid to subject ourselves to lofty aspirations. So check that out in the coming days!