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Still Grinding

It has been a while since I posted a blog and felt the need to write today. I have been blogging but just in a different way. Lately I've been posting Youtube video blogs to keep everyone abreast of what I've been doing! (Youtube channel: KawannaButterfy)

Since my last blog I've upgraded my social media, signed a distribution deal with Universal Music Group and I've just released a new single called "Coming Out" that's getting a lot of attention right now. Radio interviews have been lining up and overall I'm just excited and pleased about how everything is moving.

This is the part of the grind that I feel is exciting but can be really tricky. Here is where you have to stay the most focused. Just because things are starting to move a little and you're starting to get a little publicity it is NOT okay to lose your head. For me it is always remembering to stay consistent and keep doing the things that you've been doing that got you to this point. If anything I have to work harder and stay even more focused than ever.

There are millions of people trying to "make it" in this industry. It's tough no doubt. But I have found that if I stay true to myself, work smart and hard that things will pay off in the future.

Love & Peace,



Its been a few months since I've posted anything so I'm looooong overdue! Today's post comes at a time of mixed emotions about grinding in this music thing. On one hand, the past few months have been very frustrating...from complications with band members, finding the right musicians, finances, gigs, etc. On the other hand, this has been a very exhilirating time creatively...through frustrations and emotional highs and lows I've been on a very fluid writing streak. I've been writing lots of songs spanning across different genres.

What these few months have taught me about grinding is three things. One, you can take a break from the game but you can never give up.Two, always use frustrations, good and bad situations as an opportunity to create. Finally, learn how to patiently put the pieces together. In other words, all of the pieces that you need to help further your dream are probabaly right there in front of you. You must be patient enough, diligent enough and consistent enough to put the pieces together.

Until next time, I'm still grinding.


You are only as good as your team. I have truly learned that in the music industry that if you do not have a strong team with the same goals and mindset, then you are fighting a losing battle and are doomed to fail. I learned the hard way that you can't change people but it will save you a lot of time if you simply were more selective when choosing who to let in your musical journey. More can get accomplished and you may possibly get to your goal quicker if you just connect with people of like mind. If you find yourself doing more micromanaging than creating music then you may need to check out your team. There should be a seamless flow of ideas, creativity and teamwork to accomplish a common goal which is to make music. Many times we hold on to people too long only to find out that they didn't fit with your musical vision to begin with....like I always say, "It's never personal, just business." So find our where you fit and the people that fit with you and get on your musical grind!


Well, the one thing that I've learned about grinding in this music game is that you must have a clear focus, work steadily and be patience. My patience has been tried thoroughly over the past month. Don't get me wrong, I think I'm a pretty patient person however when it comes to passion I'm full steam ahead and I want to see my dreams manifest sooner rather than later. A swarm of technicalities concerning the release of my video, dealing with the logistics of a new band, marketing, etc. etc. have all been tests of my patience. I have learned that 1. You can't reach your dreams all on your own...you are going to need help. 2. When you are working with other people you must be patient since not everyone may be at the same level of expertise or professionalism 3. Turn your frustrations into teachable moments and transform negative energy into creativity. My tests during my grinding period have actually helped me become a more focused and mature artist. To all who feel me...keep the faith and keep grinding!


I've been blessed to meet many great artists here in the local market. I've also studied those who have reached the top in the industry on the global level. Needless to say I've been inspired by their enthusiasm and willingness to grind to get to the top. It has also come to my attention that being in this industry is not a sprinter run but more like a marathon. You must have patience, endurance and strategy. Not to mention you have to stay focused on your main objective. I had to understand very quickly that haters, non believers and disappointments are all a part of the journey of getting to the top. It has to be every artist's objective to maintain their focus, drive and dream at all costs because failure is not an option. To all of the fellow artists....go get your dream! It's yours for the taking but remember to enjoy the journey of getting there!

Grinding Part2

I attended the Future Flavas Music Summit hosted by Power 98 WPEG FM on yesterday and for a cool $25 bucks I got a wealth of information about the music industry. I attended the conference last year as well and was very impressed that we were able to get up close and personal with music industry professionals such as Sean Garrett and Brian Michael Cox. This year we were able to hear from the likes of Mr. Collipark, Kevin McCall, Mike McCluney, Charles Whitfield, Jeff Dixon, and a host entertainment lawyers and promoters from major record labels. I believe that information is power and since the music industry is ever changing I was really excited to hear advice from professionals and get new ideas about how to market myself. It was also great to see Nathan Price from Reverbnation as one of the panelists sharing knowledge on how to use the internet to promote your brand.

As for independent artists here in the Charotte area, I applaud all those who felt the urgency of getting knowledge on how to pursue their craft. One of the major themes that I continue to hear from artists and industry professionals that visit the Charlotte area is that WE MUST WORK TOGETHER! The radar seems to be on Charlotte right now but until we are able to come together, support and believe in one another, the world will never be able to see what this area has to offer in terms of entertainment. We must stop looking for it "out there" and realize that everything we need we already have right here. With that thought in mind, I am constantly networking with industry people here in the Charlotte area. The key is giving those that are on the come up an opportunity to show what they have to offer without raping them financially or taking advantage of them. This is why I was happy to greet and pass out my card to up and coming artists, producers, photographers, videographers, etc. that were at the conference in hopes of possibly doing business with them in the future. It's all about finding out who you fit with moving forward together. I hope to apply as much knowledge as I can to help develop my craft and help others. So until next time...see u at the top! Keep grinding!


Being an independent artist is hard work especialy when you start from the ground up. Most independent artists that I know are fulfilled in the fact that they are in control of everything that they do. That sounds very appealing to me which is why I have dedicated this year to "grinding". This means I will be networking, writing, recording, etc. to get my project and brand off of the ground. Should be a very interesting year.