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End Of Chuck

So this week is Chucks last show with us. Its been a great run my friend. Good luck with the next phase my old crusty friend. It will be hard to not look next to me and see you laughing it up and just well... Being you. Thanks buddy for all the great times. All of us in the band will miss you greatly.

New Song

New song from CD posted for streaming. Come over to the page and check it out . You can get the rest of CD at the show in Akron Oct 10 at Annabells.


New CD Done and mixed. Art work done . Come out to Annabells in Akron Oct 10 to get first listen . If you guys ask nice we may put up one song.

new cd

7 new songs done want to get about 3 more recorded then get it out to you guys.

New songs

First show back On Feb. 23 with D.R.I. New drummer Jason and Jim on guitar . Plus gonna throw 2 new songs at ya

Bitchwax  (about 4 years ago)

Hey Guys... Greetings from Bitchwax. We are looking forward to doing the DRI show with you. I personally have seen Crossface before and you guys DEF rock. It will be an honor. Check us out and let me know what you think...
Joey Assman / Bitchwax

new member and changes

Jason Isom is new drummer for Crossface and we would like to say good luck to Fig who is moving on and will be replaced by Jim on guitar