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Howdy folks - the new album 'Song of Jubilation' - my first studio effort, recorded mostly live with guest musicians EJ Ouellette (guitar, upright bass) & Michael Knoblach (rattlesnake tail drum, snare, & jaw harp) will be released April 28th officially at Brandeis' Third Annual Folk Fest! If you would like more details on online purchases (iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby), head over to my Facebook page, which is much easier to communicate by. As always, the album will be for sale at any live shows. Thanks!

Nanette Gallagher
Nanette Gallagher  (over 4 years ago)

Shawna gave me your new album for my birthday.......loooooove it!!! Thank you for speading the love! xoxox


When I'm out playing, everyone asks me where I'm from. I always respond, "Houston, Texas and learned the music in North Georgia." Very proud of both and also very happy to be sharing this music with all those who are moved by it. All of the smiles and dancing and warmth I receive from people is a true blessing. This is America's music, and the banjo (as we know it today) is America's only native instrument. Five years ago I had never heard of old time mountain music, and I love it when I see the excitement on people's faces when they're hearing it for the first time.