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Blurred Fugee Lines

I remember the first album I ever bought was the Fugees "The Score" album. I was young and this was when blockbuster music was around. Parental advisory was written on the cd and they actually sold it to a kid a few years shy of being a teenager. I bought the cd home and eventually my mom found it and returned for Boyz II Men "CoolyHighHarmony". From then on an artistic love formed and helped nourish my passion for music. Fast forward to 2013. Now I am in a mode of electronic music mixed with my love of singing and my new found inspiration. To bring sounds and progressions that have yet to be explored in my genre. The genre filled with artists that continue to inspire such as Robin Thicke. I've had most of his albums since his first studio release in 2003. But 'Blurred Lines" has giving him the pop credibility that he has so earned. I believe the key is to continue to do your passion on a regular basis and it will pay off. Each new artist that comes out with one good song can inspire a whole generation.

PJ Watts

This industry is a long journey, but it's about the journey not the destination!