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Grammy News!!!

Yo whats goood!?

Its your favorite Lame checking in right before the NBA Finals start so lets make this quick!

I don't know if you've checked the news lately but thanks to Chance the Rapper and your favorite rappers favorite rapper, Drake. Your chance at winning a Grammy is closer than you think. You can release a digital streaming album now on iTunes, Google Play and (get this) SOUND CLOUD.. and with the right campaign you can be nominated for a Grammy! Even if its FREE!

If that isn't enough motivation i don't know what else is!

The Other Changes include...

* 1500 streams equal one album sale,even if you listen to that new Ya Boi Pro track 1500 times i get one album sale from it.

*You can be nominated for a New Artist Grammy by releasing 5 singles and never even dropping a formal album.

*Since Drake likes to do it all if you rap and sing on your own single that single (if it's hot) is eligible to win a Grammy for best collaboration.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying. It's time to get to WORK! No excuses!

Stay Positive, Ya Boi Pro

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Whats good peeps!? Its Ya Boi Pro checking in to give you a music update about my latest project entitled PROgression. Ive been giving out mixtapes and collab projects for sometime now and ive built a pretty solid buzz thanks to you all. So to continue moving forward ive decided to release a 5 song EP. The EP is produced by Bao (Classic) Pham who is also the engineer of the project. Im one song away but in the mean time check out my Summer Time Spit mix available for free download . Sign up for my newsletters and current topics at hand to stay in contact with Ya Boi. Ls up and expect PROgression.

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Citizen Lame review 2

Critique: Overall Listener ExperienceThe sound of these tracks are well done (after processing). I really enjoyed how each track has a different feel. Serious songs (Hip Hop Stalker in particular) convey a creepy feeling using the music, which is amplified by the incredible songwriting. Party and club songs do a great job getting the beat going and soliciting dancing. Beats and instruments are well done. Summary of Review and Critique There are different styles of club/hip­hop represented on this album and that diversity really connects with audiences. It certainly connected with me. The production is tight all around, the flows are very well­synced and composed, and the music is exceptionally strong. In any genre of music, the production is the deal­maker or deal­breaker. This is why at first it was so difficult to get into because of the modulation issue. Take care of that and you certainly have a full album of music to showcase to the world. Key tracks for me are Mouthful, Flowers For My Girl, Watch Over Me, Runaway and Hip Hop stalker (which almost had a “Thriller” quality to it). These are the best tracks of the album, and certainly the ones I would spend my time marketing to stations, fans on social media, and submitting of other outlets to pick up. The rest of the album is well­done also, which adds tremendous value to not only the EP itself, but to the band as awhole. From a promotional standpoint, you have some great opportunity to really build your following and audience. There are some excellent indie club/hip­hop (and R&B) outlets both for radio and blog/sites that are looking for quality music to showcase. From a radio standpoint, this is certainly true. With my program we get a mix of great artists and those who need development and production help. You are in the great artist mix, and I say that sincerely. Keep up the great work! If there’s anyway I can help you develop your next steps in promoting or advancing your career, please let me know. There’s a LOT of great stuff here with your music. Thank you for the opportunity to listen to your songs. Let me know how else I can be of service to you.Keep in touch. D Grant

Citizen Lame Review

Figured i would share my review of "Citizen Lame" that I got with you all. I know i make you all wait but its all for good reason i swear. Theres only a few tweeks left to fix and Citizen Lame will be released November 1st. Critique and Review of Songs 1. Hip Hop Stalker: What I strange, creepy, yet intriguing track. Storyline is very well written, and song has nice flow and interesting subject­matter. The voice­over aspects add to the song strongly instead of taking away from it like many tracks that use the feature. Very powerful song. 4.5 Stars 2. House Party: Sweet track with a great beat and nice movement. Solid rhymes throughout. Excellent songwriting and lyricism from all parties. Music is great. 4 Stars 3. Peru New: Fun song, great beat and nice flow. Beat is tight and music has smooth flow to it. Songwriting and composition are strong. 4.5 Stars 4. Cater 2 You: Sweet R&B track here with some great songwriting lyrics. Beat is well done. 4 Stars 5. Dance: Starting with a George Carlin clip is well done. Music and beat initiates movement anddance. Chorus line could use a little tweaking lyrically, which takes a little away from the overall feel of the song. A slight modification or addition to the chorus line will fix this, but as soon as the chorus came, the appeal of the song lost much of its edge. Verse lyrics work well. 3.5 Stars 6. Flowers For My Girl: Excellent lyricism. Great rhymes and flow throughout. Music works very well too. Short and condense in songwriting. Loved the chorus line. 4.5 Stars 7. Feel ft Kay Del & Bobby Bravo: Simple yet fun house track. Great dance song with sweet flow and bounce. 4 Stars 8. In Love Withcu Some of the best lines lyrically in all of your songs are here. Great lyricism mixed with a sweet beat and nice musical groove beneath. 4.5 Stars 9. Life Overall song works well lyrically and musically. Last verse performer could use some work. The lyrics work but the delivery is a bit off and needs some development in presentation. Sounds like he needs a little more confidence. 4 Stars 10. Mouthful “Talk is cheap, you’ve got a mouthful,” is a fantastic chorus line. Straight talk is excellently done here. One of the best confrontational songs I’ve heard. Well done. Nice use of beats and music to amplify the mood of the track. 4.5 Stars 11. Runaway Great use of male and female performers. Excellent lyricism with a strong beat and music. Chorus line is well performed. 4.5 Stars 12. Too Young Strong lyrics and great flow. Music comes in and out of distortion overload even with processing. Overall excellent track. 4.5 Stars 13. Vroom Vroom Intense track throughout. Music conveys the effects of an engine sound. Nice lyricism. Great track for a race scene or film. 4 Stars 14. Slow Down Music has a fun and sweet flow to it. Groove works nice. Excellent slower dance or club track. Nice lyricism. 4 Stars 15. Tidal Wave Strong elements in this song, yet the arrangement could use a little work. Chorus line sounds nice but the processing of the male vocals could use a little more tweaking to add some slight mid­level. Nice lyrics throughout. Music has good feel. 4 Stars 16. Watch Over Me Interesting prayer through music. Excellent use of lyrics to convey honest fear and concerns to a higher power. Great track. 4.5 Stars

Lame Grinding

Been hella busy since saturday. I had a great writing session with Juq'oVibe TheArtist and Sundie Edmond then had a photo shoot with Von Ditthavong(www.vonneyD.com) sunday morning. Followed by another writing session sunday night and a studio session monday morning.And another studio session Monday night! I needed that i appreciate the creativity and for the fans I appreciate your patience. I promise to deliver on my mixtapes and any thing i put my voice on. Mad love to all yall. L's Up Team Lame


So people are like why do you call yourself a lame or why do you always refer to the Lame movement in your music? The Lame Movement is and artist movement in which musicians are themselves. We dont pretend to have what we dont have or portray other artist. Its about being you. its about real life every day situations and and of course originality. There are artist from all parts of the globe throwing there L's up reppin this movement and the fans thus far are endless. So from one Lame to the other welcome to the Lame movement, Enjoy being you, Pro