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Ziplok - Twitter Movement

190,000 Followers. Lets all follow Ziplok @Ziplok_ were about to hit 200,000 no problem this is the goal online is to get this new datpiff mixtape out asap. http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=725707

Twitter Ziplok Update

167,710 followers. I would say we will be on point to hit 200,000 by August at some point. Keep following the page @Ziplok_ the twitter movement has started to take form.

July 7, 2015 Ziplok Twitter Campagin

We are at 141,000 Followers on twitter staying right with the last months goal on twitter @Ziplok_

@Ziplok_ on Twitter. FOLLOW ME.

Ziplok twitter page is getting to 200,000 followers and ONLY YOU can make that possible. We have turned up the heat by 800 degrees so our pizzas are cooking at around 5 minutes or less on the brick oven on twitter..... get over and follow Ziplok I will follow you back!!!!

All Reverbnation Messages Responded To All 600+ Pages of 10

Yeah I read through all your comments , questions, links and other things and it was over 6,000 messages which consisted of 3 years of messages this is my 2nd time totally updating the inbox on here so from now on if you hit me up i am @Ziplok_ my site is http://www.ziplok.net my IG is @ziplok_ my facebook is http://www.facebook.com/Ziplok I am Ziplok.


We have upgraded www.ziplok.us to www.ziplok.net now we have more control over web traffic and just to let you know there is a song on the way with Psycho Les from The Beatnuts!

Pit Fight Records Entertainment

This month we made pretty much a Grand Canyon sized leap into the music atmosphere as we linked up with Psycho Les (The Beatnuts) and the music is already on its way in. New Music will be on the way in 2015 with production by Psycho Les, BangOut, Big Ro and also Ziplok is NOW a A&R at Pit Fight Records so if you need anything such as Beats, Distribution, or even if you want to book The Beatnuts at any event you can just hit me up for all the lowest prices on that. Excited to let everyone know that in 2014 we were able to build Zip Marketing and you can see our progress on http://www.zipmarketing247.com Overall Ziplok has improved altogether with the Social Media Marketing and started going in on graphics and we did hit our goals in 2014 with the brand Freeway Rick Ross being altogether more busy by the month of December we have the fat slob Rick Ross William Roberts Officer Ricky talking about it on his latest Breakfast Club interview with Angela Yee. WE DID THAT.... plus we also got a nice shout out about 5-10 times on Mark Dice and were also placed on Alex Jones Show as you can see Rick live on the interview with Alex that is also another side Zip Marketing accomplishment. Great year altogether, our goals in 2015 is to start attacking digital radio stations with an aggressive amount of drops and interviews so everyone stay tuned to whatever your tuned into because I will be involved in the program soon.

Freeway Rick Ross

It has been a pleasant 2014. Since January we have been working with Freeway Rick Ross and if you have anything you wan to do with Rick , Bookings and Collaborations just hit me up... ziplok@outlook.com if you need Online Marketing ask about Zip Marketing send me your email and I will send you back the pricing.

Ziplok - New Music

If you heard my music on my page you will see that all I make is FUN music. If you have any FUN music to make I suggest you contact Ziplok at http://www.facebook.com/Ziplok and inbox me with your idea and we can get going I have a Microphone right here ready to go. Lets Go!!!!!

Turn Up featuring Young Dirty Bastard - Free Download!!!!

Download Turn Up featuring Young Dirty Bastard MP3 FREE on Reverbnation. thanks a lot everyone for the support....if you support Wu-Tang Download this song!!!!! Young Dirty Bastard can be added on here at http://www.reverbnation.com/YoungDirtyBastard