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I was in Panama City Beach around this time last year and now I am in Houston, Texas! Hit me up and lets work on some new music in 2017!

Trumpified Free Download - @realDonaldTrump

Official Donald J. Trump election music and championship theme music is on my reverbnation page free. Download the song and join the movement of Trump supporters WORLDWIDE we all want Donald J. Trump for US President and will do anything to get the votes. Scott Isbell from Boston Massachusetts lights up the Trumpified chorus and this one is a world wide HIT. download the mp3 on my page today FREE.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Tell me what you know about PCB???? Panama City Beach, Florida??? talk about it.

Vote for Donald J. Trump

check my new song Trumpified by Scott Isbell featuring Donald Trump this song is the #1 in the World. Everyone follow Donald J Trump at @RealDonaldTrump @TheScottIsbell @Ziplok_

I Just Don't Give A Fuck

I will have 1 million followers on my twitter page @Ziplok_ this year 100 percent guaranteed. http://twitter.com/Ziplok_

#1 Rank On Reverbnation charts.

If any of the independent rappers think they are really good at this let me know because I think the 2 key NUMBERS everyone should be concerned with is #1 YouTube Subscribers. #2 Reverbnation downloads.... If you do not have 1,000s of downloads after doing all this making everyone become your fan your entire movement is basically useless. In a world where most people paying attention to music check it on YOUTUBE or use a FREE MP3 than I would say if you do not have either 1 of these 2 things than your entire online movement is weak. I have not seen too many branding well on this site and it looks like many on here are confused about what to do as promoters or rappers or even marketers or even anything. It all makes sense if your YOUTUBE movement is not there than whatever time you are spending on reverbnation I am sorry to say is a complete waste of time. You can be #1 or #2 on here 1 day and if someone sees NO YOUTUBE MOVEMENT than your going to look stupid anyways which if you have NO YOUTUBE movement than your entire rapping career or underground stint is a complete waste of time. Fix that and contact me today and say Hey Zip how do I get my YOUTUBE subscribers up? I will tell you how to.

Twitter Continues... plus Instagram now.

Follow @Ziplok_ on twitter and @ziplok_ on instagram we are killing both pages 558,000 on twitter and 34,000 on the newly produced instagram page add us on both of them.

389,000 - @Ziplok_

Thanks everyone for constantly supporting the twitter page. We are looking to hit the 400,000 follower mark before November 100 percent.


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August 16, 2015 - 227,000 @Ziplok_

227,000 Followers. We are looking for 300,000 before the month lets out or at least by midway through September. Follow Ziplok @Ziplok_ and lets network.