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Thanksgiving-especially for Immigrants

I was having a conversation with a co-worker, a Vietnamese immigrant. I asked her if she was getting together with family to celebrate. Surprisingly, she said "It's an American holiday. We don't celebrate it". You left your homeland to escape political/ethnic persecution, economic hardship or to make a better life for your children/future generations. right?". She agreed. "The first colonists/immigrants who went on to create our nation,were also escaping similar situations. If not for the help of some compassionate Native Americans many would have not survived to achieve this liberty.. This is the Tale mostly associated with Thanksgiving. Immigrants giving thanks to God and the native peoples for the new start on life. Giving thanks for their new home.This was my reply to Ms. Lam. "Thanksgiving is especially for you". An American Heart To be an American has nothing to do with color, outward appearances, cultural traditions, or status as a US taxpayer. It is the acceptance of the rule of American laws of equality, justice and individual liberties; as coming before any ethnic custom, 'If' it violates the rights of any person. It is learning the language and rules of the land; sufficiently enough to function safely in public life. I give thanks to all who bring their American Hearts home. whatever your origin. HappyThanksgiving.

Tale on the Tune-Bounce Back UP^

Sometimes a phrase or 'hook' comes to mind because of circumstances beyond our control. In this time of uncertainty about finances, and the high rate of unemployment, the masses are increasingly worried about keeping their homes and paying for the basics; not to mention helping our children to do better than the current generation.Every parent who was not able to achieve the American dream, wants to ensure that their children will have a better chance. Anthony and I are no different. One day as I was pondering how and if, our economy and those struggling could recover or 'bounce back'; the phrase stuck in my mind. As a Christian woman, I thought about the struggles Jesus experienced during his time, and the positive and hopeful messages he relayed to all of us. Anthony agreed that we needed to bring this message in an uplifting song. Hence the title Bounce Back UP^. It is our hope that everyone can look beyond the troubles of this material world and find solace in the spiritual by praying together whenever our spirits are down...Sharon

Tale on the Tune-Rock N' Soul Salsa

This song was written shortly after the Rodney King incident in L.A. 'Can't we just all get along?'. Growing up poor and hispanic in a mostly anglo town, I learned to stick to my side of town.I was not tolerated in certain areas which were above my class. People there would always act suspicious of me and in turn, I would be suspicious of them. The memories of the cruel language and sometimes physical aggressiveness made me feel wary of anyone who resembled them.This is prejudice. In the early 70's, I began going to music concerts. I had diverse tastes in music, including Rock,Metal,Motown,Funk R&B. At the rock concerts, the mostly white crowds still acted suspicious and wary of the minorities at times. Eye contact was avoided to prevent mis-understanding. This only lasted until the music started and everyone was in the same groove. In the hypnotic grip of the throbbing, pulsing sounds we all had a love for, everyone seemed to feel unified and accepted by the others. The same was true at R&B and funk/ soul concerts where at times the white fans were few.I like to think that in these moments, all the negative memories and stereotypes were forgotten and "we all got along". If we focus on our similarities instead of our differences, we will be closer to tolerance, if not acceptance of all the diverse lifestyles and cultures which make America strong.

In the song lyric "Just give all good people the respect that they're do. If we meet at a party I'll get along with you". I am referring to this experience.

Thanks to all.

We wish to thank all our fans and visitors. Don't forget to download free copy of Metamorphosis. This is a plea for all of Humanity to realize, understand and agree on solutions to the many problems we all face today. We've got to learn how to deal with it!