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New years eve

Oh yes back together with the Fam on Dec. 31st! New Years eve!! Nowhere Bar Athens Ga. Bringing it back home to bust your earhole!! Come on out we are very excited about this. Album almost finished and ready for mix. Got a lot of good things ready for 2013!

Getting it done.

The record is coming along nicely. Adding some subtle backgrounds at the moment. Love what the future holds for us in this creation. Got to admit though...the itch to play live at the moment is crazy! Well back in the room for so more work. Thanks everybody!!!

Athens Flagpole music awards and Athfet.

What a weekend that was! Hot as Hell, or what you think it might feel like anyway. We brought home the Award for best Hip Hop group for 2012. Two years in a row. A big Thank you to everyone who voted for us and a huge THANK YOU to all who took part in making it a beautiful night. Athfest on the other hand, although it was hotter than Big Foots crotch, it was awesome. So many great bands it was crazy! For me the best yet. We had a vey big crowed throwing down with us. I'd say close to 1200 heads. It was beautiful. Well time to move forward and catch the next show. Thanks to everyone! I mean everyone! It was GREAT!

Hard work and Prosper

Video shoot on the way! Festivals are coming. Man so much work to be done before fall. Album almost complete. New songs already on the board. Whew....

Moving Forward

Things are definitely coming together. The record is sounding great, shows are coming in. We will be on the main stage at Athfest this year so please come on out June 23rd and get ya groove on. We will be in Atlanta at Apache Cafe July 27th...sweet! ASCAP is showing us alot of love! Thanks guys we appreciate you. More than anything thanks to our fans for making it all happen. Without you there is no big picture! Keep your eyes open and check our tour calendar for shows. Oh...thanks to Andy for the sweet T-Shirts we now have. Pick one up or a pin, sticker EP...Whooo!

Get it in

Moving Forward with our new EP. Make sure to stay tuned for the itunes store!