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Help me perform at the warped tour !!!

please share. comment , play the songs, watch the videos , talk shit lol what ever you need to do !!! http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/GOLDMICMUSIC


Pls vote for me to be accepted for the Unsigned Tour. Great opportunity for Singers, Models, Rappers & Bands. Visit: http://www.unsigned201.com/vote

Vot for GLITZ (nic samuels)

purchase tickets for july warner brothers show online !!!


just follow the link and order your tickets !!


GLITZ will be performing for Warner Brothers record label , king ryan events in the iShowcase Music show in salt lake city utah. this will be a red carpet event with media in attendance. 21+ show and tickets are 20 dollars and can be purchased at


to check out Music from GLITZ go to




twitter: @GLITZ801

Shadows & Sidewalks

For everyone waiting on the new mix tape Shadows & Sidewalks. .. im sorry for the wait I am still waiting on my album cover to be finished and sent to me for printing I have a new person working on it now so it should be done soon !! Keep posted this album is worth the wait !!

Shadows & Sidewalks release date !!!!!!

release date is set for jan 13th .. only if everything goes as planned !

New song

i have a new song i dont want to release the whole song so i will be putting out a video with a clip of it to get you excited for my new mixtape coming soon...

Mobile app users

Just wanted to say thanks for all the support to everyone who has downloaded my mobile app ... i will be leaking a song from my new mixtape out to the app shortly ... keep a look out for it and enjoy !!


my music

My music is inspired by my emotions, current and past events in my life, and my fans. I hope everyone enjoys my music because I make it for you.