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Goat News 12/29/11 - What's Ahead for TTG in 2012

2011 was a good year for Throw The Goat. We just officially turned 6 months old on the 25th, we've played a whopping TEN shows in the last 4 months, we've sold out of all 50 copies of our demo - with which we've gotten stellar reviews from around the world and our IE Weekly feature marked our first time in print. Our first batch of shirts came out amazing, everybody loves 'em. Things are looking pretty good for Throw The Goat.

After the new year we'll be bombarding innocent faces with our bone crushing rock 'n roll madness. No city will be safe. We've got shows lined up in San Diego, Oceanside, Palm Desert, Corona, Fullerton, Temecula and LA, not to mention our first international debut in Costa Rica in February. We're seriously anxious to start doing more recording as soon as possible and put out an EP. We've got our first music video in the editing stages and are set to do many more. With any luck we'll be able to land some good tours and infect the masses with Goat Fever!

Goat News 10/17/11

Throw The Goat are hard at work getting ready for the big halloween show on the 29th. We're gonna be filming for our first video so make sure you're lookin' good and ready to party with us. We just got our first batch of sticker in - they look sick! Demo songs have started making their way online. We're working on our official website which should be launched next week. Penciled in some studio time next month, possibly for a full length album. It's all happening. We're taking over. Get ready. THROW THE GOAT!!