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That's right you crazy bastards! we return to the stage to rip face off and destroy everything in our path! these past couple of months have been hard but we are stronger than ever before! we are really excited to be working on the new winter 2012 release! lot of local artists working on the art work and we even may have a new member to make our sound bigger and badder than ever! we hope to see your ugly mug at our first show back on OCTOBER 27 more detail soon! we miss you TOXIFUX!!!!!


Greetings TOXIFUX...it is with great sadness that i must inform you all that we will be cancelling all of our future shows until future notice. The reason why is because our great friend and ally, clint, has decided to leave the band. we are all on good terms and it was a personal choice that he could no longer continue with us. we will continue in making music and will be auditioning new drummers as soon as possible, so if you're a drummer looking for a band give us a shout and we'll set something up with you! until next time. hopefully it will be with more positive news! keep THRASHING!


You heard right TOXIFUKS! We are now sponsored by a number of companies that i assume work together in providing musicians with what they need to continue to put out great music and shows without having to worry about the little things! This is a huge step for me (Robert) because it reassures me that i'm on the right path in fulfilling my destiny, and i feel like i can say the same about my comrades in the band. I wanna thank they companies (will be posted on our official page www.toxifix.tk) and Vinnie Parma for helping us out! your a great person and a big help in the scene! check you sickos later! KEEP RAGING!


TOXIFUKS! I (robert) have been in the music scene for 3 years now and i've seen lots of bands come and go, but the bands that continue to thrive and put out great music for the scene are the ones that i highly respect. im honored enough that this month we get to share the stage with some of these killer bands! STEEL BEARING HAND, AGE OF FIRE, and the almighty INSINNERATOR! here's to a great show and hopefully YOU will be there to see this go down! info of the show can be found on our REVERB NATION page. see ya then and keep thrashing!


LIVE this FRIDAY (5/18/2012)! TOXIFIX interview/sit in on FISHBOWL RADIO NETWORK(.COM) and on WICKED OPERA INC (.COM.NU)! Tune in and rage from 3-5! This is a great opportunity for us to answer some basic questions about us or how we do things around here. We're really excited to be doing this, it marks a new stepping stone on us spreading the DISEASE! TOXIFUKS over and out!


yes, its true! we're not getting tired of our current set but we definitely want a change in it. so we've come up with the solution of adding a few BRAND NEW SONGS! they are gonna be an exploration of the current sound we've developed in our short time together. i think its going to be very explosive! till then share our stuff, leave some comments, or just keep on headbanging!


whats up you sickos?! we are really getting into the writing mode and coming out with some new track ideas. im trying to keep the technical death metal a driving force apart of the music to make the black and thrash just a little more heavier to its already intense dark sound. ill try to keep you guys updated as much as possible on whats happening and some shows. come to think of is tonight we have a show at O'Rileys in north dallas with a buddy of mines band, MALDEVERA. check em out when you get a chance. until next time my friends stay brutal!

Let the Badassery commence

Alright TOXIFUKS! so for those of you who follow on our news, the SXSW show went killer! there were a few problems with the bar but it was an awesome experience for us to be invited and play. We just played a house party show for a some great friends of ours and it was killer! some new TOXIFUKS were spawned! The NEW demo will also be released later on today and WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD, however you can purchase a copy at our shows or if you e-mail us and we can work something out! STAY BRUTAL!

Updates on shows!

Alright you TOXIFUKS we got a show this Saturday at tomcats west in ft. Worth (2-4-2012) and we also have the privaligew to be playing on the motor breath south by southwest thrash show case with HAVOK, WITCHAVEN and many more! Good things coming up so stay tuned!

Updated the OFFICIAL toxifix website

we put up some of our gear info up on the website (www.toxifix.tk) in case any of you are interested and we also posted up a track for FREE DOWNLOAD. let us know if we should post some more or not, we love feedback. keep it brutal and stay in touch!