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Micky Monday / Blog

What it means to be Monday

Just because Monday is most often viewed by detriment only, doesn’t mean it can’t be analyzed for the uniqueness and importance that it possesses. Monday is not the worst day of the week, nor is it the day when individuals are sent from Wonderland back into reality. Monday is the best day of the week, and it is also the day of new ideas and fresh beginnings. Too often is it labeled and stereotyped based on negative aspects only; alike any other object or concept, Monday can be evaluated and analyzed through any particular view point or perspective. Because it is a pessimistic precursor of an elaborate concept, the beauty and nuance of the true meaning of Monday is quite profound. Too often do individuals limit their perspective. Whether intended or not, society paints a certain stereotype or categorization upon all entities. Take the most definite of images, white and black. It has been made to believe that white is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, peace and other ideas of positive decree. Being on the opposite side of the spectrum, black has faced a long history of off-putting classification. Throughout ancient history black has been applied to concepts such as evil, oppression, confusion, and numerous other impressions of negative stigma. Although this process of arrangement distinguishes the exclusivity of the image, it also represses the intrinsic versatility of what the image really is. Who’s to say that black can’t resemble safety, freedom, or peace of mind? Rather than assuming darkness as a force that is intended to mislead, I choose to encompass it as I do the concept of Monday. Because black has a downbeat representation and is categorized unconstructively, it allows the mind to find positive value and an optimistic attitude about an image that is initially perceived from a negative mindset. Being absent of light does not necessarily mean that motive and direction are lost; perhaps the overshadowing properties of darkness are intended to protect an individual from the eyes of the rest of the world; with the ability to vanish into a world of personal insight and intuition, a person can make positive what the rest of the world makes negative. Monday is the superficial identity of taking the misunderstood and creating enlightenment. The fire and desire that burns through my bloodstream is perceived as the quality that will bring about my destruction, but it is actually the quality that will make me of beautiful misunderstanding. I prefer to appear as confused and out of orient, for the power of a person’s misconception is what in fact makes me unique. I have created a sense of endearment for what society views as weird or unusual. Over time I have grown an obligation to live my life as a Monday, and see everything of misunderstanding far beyond its surface value. The labels that society places upon its delusions limits the possibility that an item or object can contribute to society. An act of treason is put upon these images for their initial interpretation, and I feel that it is my duty to justify them for the importance they can have, and the importance they should have. Often times I am perceived as a person with an indifferent attitude; drained facial expressions, accompanied by emotionless eyes often leave me viewed as a soul without a care for the world. This misconception does not offend me, instead it makes me smile; perhaps I seem apathetic because I care too much about the entire picture to show unnecessary emotion toward an individual piece. Throughout my entire life I’ve been searching for my place among the stars, when in reality my true identity and significance shines bright within the darkness of the night sky.