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Thanksgiving gig cancelled!

Sorry folks, we have been preempted for the football games on Thanksgiving Day...Thanksgiving gig has been cancelled! But come see us at Sweet Dreams Winery this Saturday!

Sweet Dreams Winery

Special Thanks to Mike & Sandra Pell at Sweet Dreams Winery for hosting us on their pavilion! Also Thanks to Elbar for sitting in on drums during the last set...it was rockin!

Republic Icehouse

Special Thanks to all the great folks in Tyler at the new Republic Icehouse....you guys really made us feel welcome last week! Looking forward to rockin' out on Halloween night with you!!

Emaze at the Woods

Thanks to Ernest, Michael & their staff for hosting us on their fabulous patio at the country club in Jacksonville, Texas. You guys are Emazing!

City of Jacksonville

Thanks to the City of Jacksonville for hosting us at their employee picnic. Big Thanks to our special guest JJ on 12-string guitar and vocals, and to Ida Perez for her photos!

December 2011

Taking a little time of this Christmas season to work on new material. Looking forward to a great 2012.