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Grogy Progy

Day ZERO! Finally, "Grogy Progy" is released and should be available in the following online stores today. Where have you seen it? Leave a comment. It has already be seen on iTunes! Have a great, rocking weekend! Apple iTunes Rhapsody eMusic Inprodicon Xbox Music Spotify Google Music Store Rdio Shazam Beyond Oblivion MediaNet Tradebit GreatIndieMusic Amazon MP3 24-7 Omnifone Simfy iHeartRadio Muve Music Slacker Radio JB Hi-Fi Yandex Samsung Music Hub Mondia Media WiMP Akazoo

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Have a rocking weekend.

Radio airplay

Have a great week, everybody!

And don't forget to get your daily online-dooze of Prograss on mx3: http://www.mx3.ch/playlist/band/prograss/featuredtracks

mx3 is a swiss radio network of some of the biggest radio swiss stations.

The more we're played there, the higher the chance they play us on the radio.

Enjoy listening ;)

Rock on, folks!

Finally ...

After we've been struggeling around with this freaking windows7 install, it looks like we've finally got our new recording machine up and running.

So we're ready to do the first demo recordings of the new record. Stay tuned.

Thanks again for all the positive feedback.

Have a great weekend!

Thank You

A big THANK YOU to all our new Fans on RN.

We appreciate your support very much.