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New Songs... New Album???

Over the past 3 months I have been writing and recording 14 new songs that I can only classify as "Surefire-esque", thus they are what I am considering the new Surefire album, "Starting A New War". I am finalizing the songs and should be posting them here in the coming month or 2. I will also set up an iTunes account or something similar so you will be able to purchase the album as a whole, or some of the songs individually.

Videos and New Recordings

I have uploaded 2 concert videos from back in the day. I have also released new recordings of old songs that I am pretty proud of. Please take a listen and rock out!

In My Room... yet again

I have posted the re-recorded versions of the songs from the 2000 Surefire demo "In My Room". The new tracking took place in February, 2012 utilizing Reason for bass & drums, while live vocals & guitars were recorded by yours truly. Aram & Brett have both expressed interest in tracking their respective instruments... well, here are the tracks, dudes.

Same sounds for a new day

I have re-recorded the song Same, which was the first track off of our 2000 demo CD "In My Room". I felt the old recording blew and didn't do the song any justice. Now I feel better about this song. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Something for the lingering Surefire Fans

I will be posting newly recorded Surefire songs as I record them. Also, I am posting everything we ever recorded on here... hell... I may even find an old video or two to post.