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"Remember a few years back when Deftones lead singer Chino Moreno decided he needed to try to garner more credibility with critics and teamed up with former Helium frontwoman Mary Timony for the godawful Team Sleep project? Well, don’t expect hardcore/metal hybrid Lost in Prague to take a walk down that path anytime soon. That’s not to say LIP are short on "credibility." Their music seems somehow even darker and more foreboding than their contemporaries’, which could owe to the oppressive winters we suffer through here. While it isn’t necessarily the most original genre to try to make a go of (there seem to be approximately 133,000 nu-metal bands releasing albums during any given week), Lost in Prague seem like they could have a better shot than most. They don’t pound their potential audience over the head with what, from other bands, often proves to be too much riffage for one person to handle." -Pat O’Brien from City Pages