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sip slow comin soon

nigga in the lab workin on a new mixtape to promote my album comin later this year

chairman of the trap vol 3 writtin sessions

i smell like a whole bunch of marijuana/ i be with foriegn cats talkin powder/ i run shit im talkin power/ not runnin my mouth 100 miles an hours/ oiled down like a king when a i step out the shower/ im fresh like a febreeze bottle/ i run thru mo val like allessandro/ a fuckin star you should be a fan tho/ my bitch got curves you need a rally car to handle/ as we drift off she slip off Gucci sandles/ baby boy the shit i need sum pampers/ anything i lie on wax hot fuckin candles/ yung doogie established on these ave/ any blvd, st, or cul de sac i pass thru ....... 7/30/11

Avenue Boo
Avenue Boo  (over 6 years ago)

i gas