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Sills & Smith / Blog

A Writer's Retreat video featured on New Musical Express site!

Exciting news today folks! Our music video for the first track of the Uncertain Vista (2011) album, A Writer's Retreat is now being featured on the New Musical Express (NME) website: http://www.nme.com/nme-video/youtube/id/lNp7iW06Y7g New Musical Express is the most prominent music publication in the United Kingdom. The magazine was first published in 1952. The NME website is now the world's most visited music site with over 7 million users per month. Hopefully a few of those music lovers will watch and enjoy our video.

Rhesus Monkey
Rhesus Monkey  (over 3 years ago)

VThat's Epic news - congrats!

I'm Right Here on Jango Internet Radio!

The oh so romantic song I'm Right Here, which is track #7 on our new album No Way In, No Way Out, is now in regular rotation on Jango internet radio. You can hear our tune along with the music of other -- slightly more famous -- alternative rock bands like REM, Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie and U2. Here's the Jango URL for those who don't have it bookmarked and aren't subscribed: http://www.jango.com/ The melodic, hooky I'm Right Here should be a good song for Internet radio afficianados to dip their toes in the music of Sills and Smith. We do have a soft and tender side, when all is said and done. Next time around, however, we may unleash something a little more sinister from the disc like the hair-raising, driving rocker Pain. Check out Jango and show your support for our music.

Would It All Be Different? on Scottish radio tomorrow!

The proggy Would It All Be Different? from our new album No Way In, No Way Out will be played on the radio in Scotland tomorrow (Saturday, April 14th) on the Pulse 98.4: http://www.pulseonair.co.uk/ "The Saturday Sandwich" is a program hosted by Chas Cunningham of The Skunnerd band. The show broadcasts in East Renfrewshire from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (which means a 6:00 a.m. start for us in Ottawa). It has a wonderful, entertaining format, combining live music with Chas and various talented friends and pre-recorded songs. The land of the finest single malt whisky is home to even finer people and tremendous music. Chas has already played three songs from our Uncertain Vista disc on his show, so I guess that means he likes our music. If you're not in East Renfrewshire within radio signal distance, just tune in online as we'll be doing this Saturday. Sills and Smith will be having an early breakfast -- perhaps with a side of Haggis --with the Saturday Sandwich this weekend.

Ottawa alternative rock band Sills and Smith releases "No Way In, No Way Out"

Ottawa, March 14, 2012 - Sills and Smith have released their second studio album called "No Way In, No Way Out." Thematically, the album is a desperate cry from the wilderness for a kinder, gentler, more caring world. The new disc has 15 original songs and over 53 minutes of tuneful, diverse music. The styles range from gentle folk, to prog. rock to alternative rock and all points in between. The album comes rocketing out of the gate with Melancholy World and Open Season On Love and rocks pretty hard throughout. But it also showcases beautiful, quiet tunes like These Ghosts, Radiance and Life In Miniature, epic numbers such as the title track, No Way In, No Way Out and the album's six minute centrepiece, Would It All Be Different? The disc features Jeremy Sills on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars; Frank Smith on vocals and Jonathan Edwards contributing acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, piano and vocals. Edwards, an integral part of the Sills and Smith band, is again on board as multi-instrumentalist and producer. The band recorded at his studio, Corvidae Music from December, 2011 to February, 2012. "No Way In, No Way Out" is a follow-up to "Uncertain Vista," released in 2011. For a debut indie recording, that album garnered considerable critical attention from music bloggers. In December, 2011 "Uncertain Vista" made respected T.O. Snob's Music blog's, Best of 2011 list ahead of albums by heavy hitters -- on major labels -- including Thurston Moore and Canada's Dan Mangan, a Polaris Music Prize nominee. While "Uncertain Vista" has mostly short songs, a number of tunes on "No Way In, No Way Out" have extended instrumental passages and complex, layered vocal arrangements. The album is a natural progression from "Uncertain Vista" and finds the band firing on all cylinders, with a powerful set of songs, top-notch musicianship and production. "No Way In, No Way Out" is sold digitally through CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon and other major online outlets. The beautiful digipak edition is being printed and will be available at the end of March in select music stores and from CD Baby. Six tracks from the album are posted for preview listening on the band's Reverbnation website. For further information, contact: sillssmith@gmail.com http://www.reverbnation.com/sillssmith

High Tide from Uncertain Vista on King Minion Podcast #6

The dreamy, pastoral folk piece High Tide, from our Uncertain Vista album, is now featured on the sixth King Minion Music Podcast. We are so excited that the King chose our song to be showcased with tracks by such terrific bands/artists including: Aoede, Dandy Distorted, Di and Sven, Lilac's Daughter, Kevin Looney, Khamsina, The Fishcakes, James Ferris Group, Fetal Zombie and Hetty Lane. Check out the podcast and you'll experience wonderful tunes, tips for indie bands and a really professional show: http://kingminionmusicpodcast.blogspot.com/p/episode-6.html Two other songs from Uncertain Vista, Angry Geezer and A Writer's Retreat appear on King Minion Podcast episodes #1 and #3. Listen to the King Minion Podcast and demonstrate your support on Facebook for this initiative that presents opportunities for independent artists to be heard. The King Minion Music Podcast is being operated out of Victoria, British Columbia -- so it's proudly Canadian -- and is connected with a boutique label called V1 Music.

Decisions, Decisions...Six New Album Tracks Posted Here

Now that we've uploaded the title track No Way In, No Way Out from our upcoming studio album we've settled on the six that will be available for preview through Reverbnation. Our disc's title song, plus Open Season on Love, I'm Right Here, That's Not The Reason, Radiance and I Can't Reach You seem representative of different flavours of sounds across the album. For example, there's a bit of pastoral folk in a tune like Radiance, a driving rocker with Open Season on Love and a more epic prog. rock piece in No Way In, No Way Out. However, picking six of the fifteen songs to showcase here was extremely tough because we think that every song is quite remarkable and special. In fact, we're deliberately not releasing even a snippet of the album's first track, the rollicking, tuneful Melancholy World. That song just had to open the album. Another track that you won't hear on Reverbnation and you will only hear if you buy our album is what we consider the record's centre-piece the trippy, proggy, Would It All Be Different? Man, Jonathan has put together a beautiful arrangement for that song which makes it a real highlight of the album for me when I listen to it. Jeremy's layered vocalization in the mid-section of the song is absolutely astonishing. Amongst the other tracks on the disc, stand-outs lyrically and melodically are: Saturday, Light, These Ghosts, Clouds and Life In Miniature. Jeremy's performance on the lovely Life in Miniature is stunning and that track is wonderful with Jonathan's rich upright bass as its foundation. Jonathan also plays classical guitar on Life In Miniature, which really works beautifully. The haunting, quiet ballad, These Ghosts may be the best song I've written so far. I'll let you be the judge of that. Jeremy proves once again why he's one of the best harmony singers in the business on this track. Jonathan's acoustic guitar accompaniment -- with some tasteful slide guitar -- would melt butter. And, It Doesn't Matter is another personal favourite on the album. Jonathan has given that song a pretty jaunty arrangement -- a real sing-a-long -- which will mess with the listener quite nicely when you pay attention to the bleak lyrics. Then, of course, there is Pain. There is always Pain :) That tune rocks so damn hard in spots it will take the paint off walls in your home, so be careful when you play it. But it also includes a gorgeous, ethereal vocal from Jeremy in the bridge parts as the tempo surprisingly slows, right, down. As I was listening to mixes at Jonathan's studio yesterday we were talking about how difficult it is to sequence this album because we believe the songs are all so strong. We have chosen to give our musical friends on Reverbnation a rather generous taste of what we've been up to in the studio over the last few months. Hope you like what you hear on our site. If you want to hear the full album, you will be able to buy it very soon. Cheers, Frank

kloudworks  (over 3 years ago)

Thank you for this truly generous taste given here. Now listening to the number six available here...All the best and congratulations again! ~ kappi

Our last day in the studio...album nearly finished!

As we drove to Corvidae Music for the final recording session for No Way In, No Way Out, we listened to the latest mixes of the album's tracks in my car. Open Season on Love seemed stuck on repeat. Holy shit this one sounds great with some mighty cool electric riffing! The song has a massive, tuneful chorus and Jonathan has given the rhythm section real snap, crackle and pop. We continue to marvel at how rich and thick the bass sounds on this album. Amazing work Jonathan. Open Season On Love, Saturday, These Ghosts and Light were the four songs that Jeremy had to do some vocal work on today. I would be assigned to Co-producer duty on the couch in Jonathan's control room. When we arrived at the studio we got down to business fairly smartly. I took up my position of responsibility as far away from vital equipment as possible and Jeremy went into the booth to sing his heart out. His vocals were required on Open Season on Love, Saturday and Light as originally he sang while playing guitar to the click track. There are often instances of guitar bleed into the vocal mic and the click being heard in the mix etc. Also, Jonathan had slightly re-arranged the chorus of Light, which made for smoother transitions and better use of the melody. We had not heard the arrangements for Saturday, These Ghosts and Light before this visit to the studio. These Ghosts is the only tune that Jonathan and I sang together without Jeremy in the room. And I think it's quite a beautiful tune about a brother and sister visiting the family home one last time, after their parents have passed away. The subject matter is sad, but the melody is a memorable one. Jonathan contributes some lovely acoustic guitar -- all filigree splendour -- to These Ghosts and Jeremy's harmonies on the chorus really are sweet. These songs have been given marvelous treatments. Lots of upright bass -- still to be added on some tracks -- will close out No Way In, No Way Out. Jeremy was asked to sing higher harmony parts on a couple of the choruses so his voice could be layered in the final mix with mine. Jonathan is singing a fair amount on the album too to add colour. So, our work is done. Now, the rest is up to Jonathan. I expect he'll need a couple of weeks or so to contribute a few instrumental bits here and there and fine tune the mixes, before mastering the album. No point in rushing a great thing. But suffice it to say, the three of us are very pleased and proud of ourselves. I'll be back to pay Jonathan a visit to listen to mixes next week and check on his progress, but the album release day is approaching. I'll keep you posted. Cheers. Frank

kloudworks  (over 3 years ago)

Yes, you guys con be proud of yourself. All new songs sounding great! All the best ~ kappi

Back In the Studio - Four Songs From the Album Posted!

This is a big day folks. You finally get a taste of what's been cookin' in the sonic kitchens of Corvidae Music. We think when you hear the full album "No Way In, No Way Out" in March that you will find it a rich, robust, fragrant, musical stew. In the meanwhile, we have decided to offer you four tasty morsels as an appetizer prior to the main course. So today we present to you -- on a silver platter -- four newly minted tracks: I'm Right Here, That's Not The Reason, Radiance and I Can't Reach You. Hope you like these tunes. They are served with a generous array of intoxicating beverages and Jumbo Shrimp cocktails for the seafood lovers in the crowd. We think the songs are perfectly seasoned, as they are. However, we also have several flaming hot sauces on offer, for those who'd like to spice the tunes up a tad. But keep the jalapeños and particularly the Trinidad Moruga Scorpions away from the ballads, thanks very much. And you older folks go easy on the spice. It's hard on the gastro-intestinal system. Anyway, we hope you enjoy listening to this new music as much as we have enjoyed making it. Jeremy, Jonathan and I can certainly see the light at the end of this tunnel. We only have three more of the 15 album tracks that require work by Jonathan in terms of the arrangements. Today, Jeremy and I focused on three songs: the pastoral folk piece, Life In Miniature, the blistering grunge rocker (with an ethereal bridge from Jeremy) Pain and the prog. rock album title track: No Way In, No Way Out. Jeremy was singing like a bird today. He gave us a glorious vocalization on No Way In, No Way Out. Wait until you hear this song. It will really send the album out with quite an impact, I think.Jeremy also re-did his vocals on Life In Miniature, as there was a click track to be heard in the guide vocal version. Lovely song indeed. I'm quite pleased with my work on Pain as I needed re-do some vocal parts as well in the verse and pre-chorus. Man, the bass sounds thick and beefy on Pain thanks to Jonathan's skills as a bass player and producer. Jonathan is right, Pain is the hardest we've ever rocked and yet when the time signature changes in the repeated bridge parts, with Jeremy's pleading, ethereal vocals the tune takes on a totally different dimension. I also sang the first verse of No-Way In, No Way Out again and I think that track is sounding just great now. It seems like centuries ago that we released the first album Uncertain Vista, but that was only the end of August. We've really never stopped writing and rehearsing music since and ventured back into the studio in December to start work on this disc. It's been an adrenaline rush and a considerable source of pride and joy to see the album coming together. More to report from the trenches in a few days, as we'll be back in the studio again near the end of the week. Until then. Cheers, Frank

Rhesus Monkey
Rhesus Monkey  (over 3 years ago)

Sills & Smith have delivered BIG TIME with these 4 teaser tracks from their forthcoming new album. Splendid new music, such a joy to listen to :)

A Good Week - Podcast Exposure, Rehearsals...

We're still a few days away from going back into the studio to put the finishing touches on our second album, No Way In, No Way Out. That disc will be released in March. In the meantime, this week we were thrilled to find out that A Writer's Retreat from the Uncertain Vista album, is now featured on the third King Minion Music Podcast. We are so excited that the King chose our song to be showcased with tracks by such stellar bands/artists including: Georgina Taylor, Bingham Willougby, AJ Prowler, The Ostinato Brothers, Pink Side Of The Moon, The Likeness, Tym Deal and Susan Raines. Check it out and listen to amazing tunes and a very professional production: http://kingminionmusicpodcast.blogspot.com/p/episode-3.html And if you really like what you hear support the artists -- most especially us of course -- by purchasing the music. You will notice a direct link on the King Minion page to Sills and Smith, Uncertain Vista on iTunes. Our song Angry Geezer is available on the first King Minion Podcast and the lovely High Tide, also on the Uncertain Vista album, has been selected for a future edition by the King. Keep listening to the King Minion Podcast and show your support on Facebook for this initiative that presents opportunities for independent artists to be heard. The King Minion Music Podcast is being operated out of Victoria, British Columbia -- so it's proudly Canadian -- and is connected with a boutique label called V1 Music. Jeremy and I spent the week listening to the current mixes of 12 nearly completed tracks for No Way In, No Way Out. It all sounds amazing to our ears. At this stage, the album clocks in at just over 44 minutes, but the full 15 song disc will be around 55 minutes of music. In the last two weeks of this month, we will return to Jonathan's studio, Corvidae Music to complete our work on the vocals. Jonathan has to finish up the arrangements for three songs, but we are on schedule for a March release. With any luck, and providing Jonathan is OK with it, we may post a couple of tunes on the Reverb. page to give you a taste for No Way In, No Way Out before the end of February. Keep checking out our site. Jeremy and I were back at it this week rehearsing brand new material. It seems there is music always percolating and bubbling to the surface. This week we tried out One With the Season and The Arsonist. The first tune is a celebration of the beauty in nature and being one with it all and is very sweet and pretty. The Arsonist rocks really hard and is about a deeply disturbed individual who sets fires at night all around his home-town. It's got an interesting melody in the verse, bridge and chorus parts, with the latter two repeating for added effect. Jeremy played some pretty wild, trippy electric guitar as we were practicing The Arsonist. These two new songs, plus Advice Best Taken, Is It Love? and Alcohol, Swallow It Down that we introduced to the Sills and Smith repertoire just last week, will be definite keepers for that third album -- whenever we get around to recording it. Until next time...Cheers, Frank

Rhesus Monkey
Rhesus Monkey  (over 3 years ago)

Great to hear Sills & Smith up there with those other mightily fine artists.

Counting down the days until the album relase in March...

The Latest Album Mixes...Rehearsing New Songs!

It was a real thrill to read Jonathan's insightful contribution in our last blog. He has done an outstanding job on our second album, bringing his considerable talents as an instrumentalist and producer to bear on the material. What I love about Jonathan's work is his incredibly creative, broad palette approach to the musical arrangements. I think the songs on Uncertain Vista and especially on No Way In, No Way Out show that we can't be placed inside any kind of a musical box. There is an awful lot of genre bending and blending going on, which reflects our eclectic musical tastes. It is also indicative of our ever changing moods and sense of artistic adventure. This week Jonathan shared completed early mixes of three more songs, bringing the total number of album tracks that are nearly finished to 12. Pain, Life In Miniature and Light, the three finished this week, make my point about variety in the tunes. Life In Miniature and Light are quiet, almost pastoral folk songs -- the softer side of the new album. Pain, on the other hand, at its heaviest is a brutal, driving rocker with pounding bass and shredding electric lead guitar. It's actually the hardest we've ever pushed ourselves on a song and the closest we've come to punk/grunge rock so far. But even that tune has surprising tempo switches in the chorus, with an ethereal, pleading vocal from Jeremy. Pain and the atmospheric title track No Way In, No Way Out, seem to articulate a thread that runs through the songs on this album. Up until now, it's been hard to measure it all, but as the album is finally starting to gel from just a bunch of songs, there is a message that is pretty loud and clear. This album feels like a desperate cry from the wilderness for a kinder, gentler world. Enough said on that, I guess. It all sounds pretty cool to our ears and as Jonathan puts it so well, it seems like a natural progression from Uncertain Vista. I think the songs are uniformly strong and extremely melodic and we've really stretched the bounds this time around with longer pieces, explorations into prog/rock territory and, of course, greater use of Jeremy's magnificent voice. I do hope you folks like the album when you hear it. Anyway, we're going to be sitting with the mixes for a couple of weeks and we'll be back in the studio with Jonathan in the last two weeks of the month to finish up this recording. In the meantime, we were back at it rehearsing three brand, spanking new songs this week at Jeremy's place: Alchohol, Swallow It Down; Is It Love? and Advice Best Taken. Too bad we'll have to leave these three off the new disc, because they sound great. We tried two different versions of Alchohol, Swallow It Down, with Jeremy on electric guitar. The first was a rousing, St. Patrick's Day pub style version, which -- despite the grim lyrics -- had a celebratory tone. The second -- which I think we'll settle on eventually -- is a rootsy, weepy, dirge, on the evils of drink. Is It Love? has a kind of a Robyn Hitchcock/Soft Boys flavour to it, in terms of it's sarcasm and psycedelic tones, but it doesn't sound like any tune he's written. It was astounding with the two of us trading verses and singing the mighty, amusing chorus. The electric guitar was really chiming nicely, with some added effects from Jeremy's bag of tricks. Advice Best Taken is probably one of the more melodically interesting songs I've written and really takes advantage of our two voices and Jeremy's brilliant harmony singing. Well, it seems we've already stock-piled enough decent songs for a third album. However, we'll need to rest on our laurels -- such as they are -- and let Uncertain Vista and No Way In, No Way Out find their audiences before we record anything else. Do you think 36 songs and close to two hours of original music, released within six months is enough? The new album will be out in March. Until next time, Cheers, Frank

Rhesus Monkey
Rhesus Monkey  (over 3 years ago)

Thanks for the update Frank, your fans are awaiting. 2 hours worth of original music in 6 months is really prolific, reminds me of another Frank (Zappa).