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Review in Blue TOM Records!

Check out our latest review at http://bluetomrecords.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/memphis-music-scene-deering-and-down/

Review in DownBeat Magazine!

Hey Friends! We're so excited!!... Did you catch the latest album review in August's edition of DownBeat Magazine? If you missed it, you can check it out here! Cheers! Deering and Down 15http://www.downbeat.com/digitaledition/2012/DB201208/single_page_view/79.html Album Review in Down Beat Magazine Jazz, Blues & Beyond (August 2012): Blues: by Frank-John Hadley (p. 79) Deering & Down: Out There Somewhere (Retsina Glow; 56:44 ***1/2) Enter the unusual Memphis soul-rock-blues domain of Lahna Deering and Rev. Neil Down. Her spectral soprano brings home innocence and kittenish sensuality, alienation and acceptance, hurt and healing. His guitar, based in the blues, is partial to trance-grooves and traveling where the album title says. They write their own songs, mostly good ones, about floods, spirituality and cryptic romance. Soul giant Willie Mitchell mixed five tracks and arranged the horns on two before dying midway through the project. (Mitchell’s son, Lawrence, helped finish the album.) It’s no coincidence that the tunes involving the elder Mitchell are special. Lots of fine Memphis supporting players in the studio, like the Hi Royal Rhythm Section. Ordering info: www.deeringanddown.com Also, you can purchase this little album and make it yours on iTunes at: 2 http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/out-there-somewhere/id501857768

Vote for "Linda McCabe"!!

Hello Friends! We need your vote! We are currently running in a contest from (April 16 - 29) to gather as many votes as possible for our song "Linda McCabe" from 2012's "Out There Somewhere" album.

Just click this link below, sign up for a free account and then cast your vote for "Linda McCabe". Your support and vote will help us get to the next round! Thank you!! http://www.musiccityradio.com

Heading to Nashville!!

Deering and Down are hitting the road with a whole new lineup of shows including Nashville. Come on out and see us!! Visit iTunes to pick up the newly released album "Out There Somewhere" featuring Al Green's Hi-Rhythm section.

Deering and Down, New Album released Feb,18th 2012!

DEERING & DOWN RELEASE THEIR SOUL/ROCKABILLY BREAKTHROUGH ALBUM, “OUT THERE SOMEWHERE," RECORDED AT WILLIE MITCHELL'S STUDIO IN MEMPHIS, TN! “That record is now here in the form of “Out There Somewhere," recorded at Memphis's legendary Royal Studio, where Al Green, Ann Peebles and more cut some of the best soul tracks ever recorded. Green’s producer Willie Mitchell helped out with horn arrangements and mixing (prior to his untimely death nearly two years ago); Green's band, the Hi Rhythm Section, played on three tracks, and Mitchell’s son, Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell co-produced the album with Deering & Down.

According to Washington Post music critic Geoffrey Himes, the production team managed to capture Deering & Down’s exhilarating live show without sacrificing the one-on-one chemistry at the heart of their soul.

Several of the album’s guest musicians were on hand for the Album release concert, including: Rick Steff of Lucero, Lannie McMillan, Charles Hodges, Leroy Hodges of Al Green’s Hi Rhythm section and Gary Topper of the GRAMMY®-winning Memphis Horns. Dave Smith, Louis Meyers, John McClure, Kurt Ruleman, Jonathan Ciaramitaro, Marc Franklin & Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell!!!

"Linda McCabe" video is released!!

Thank you all for making the “Linda McCabe” video premiere party such a wonderful evening! Rev and I had a truly righteous time and we are still yet reeling!!! James Sposto, David Merrill and all of the Righteous Sexy “Linda McCabe” Cast & Crew are really and truly out of this world! The fellows in the band Kurt Ruleman & Jonathan Ciaramitaro. The mighty Jeremy Shrader & Dr. Ed Finney Special thanks to Kris Kourdouvelis & Sharon Gray at The Warehouse. John C. & Justin for the sound & Lights. So very grateful to all of our new and longtime friends for all of their passion and support. To The MOON!! Thank You! XOXO Lahna & Rev Deering & Down

Live webcast Show this Thursday, Nov. 3rd at 8pm (central time zone)

Hello Friends and Fans of Deering and Down! We’ve got some great news! You can watch us live via webcast this Thursday, Nov. 3rd starting around 8:00 PM (Central Time). The venue is Ditty TV (based in Memphis, TN) and this will be a live streaming show. Tune in at http://www.ditty.tv/

Memphis, it's good to be back!

Rev and I have missed you all! We're back in town after an amazing summer in Alaska with friends, family and playing some great shows. We're spending this winter getting ready for our next album release. We will be filming a new music video! Check back often to see what's new! xoxox, Deering and Down

Hey Alaska!

Rev and I have made it back to Alaska and boy is it wonderful! We will be playing lots of shows in Juneau, Haines and Skagway. If you happen to be in Juneau ...... stop into "Paradise" my Mom's cafe! I will be working there all summer and would love to make you a latte if I haven't been gigging all night.

Please check out our new website at www.deeringanddown.com ... Please sign our guestbook!

Cheers, Lahna