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Knee Deep In The Dead 2014

Currently working on a hybrid album called "Knee Deep In the Dead" Half the songs will be covers, and the other half will be original songs from Sickened. Enjoy the first half of the album already uploaded on my profile for free!- Garrick Watkins_ Founder of Sickened

New Album " The Devil Wrote This Album" 2013

Im currently writing, and recording new material for the upcoming album " The Devil Wrote This Album" I expect it to be complete late 2013. Released two tracks off of the new album. "Chainsaw", and Tides Rise you can download them for free.

In The Studio

Marcus, and I are now in the studio fine tuning all of our equipment. We are now currently working on the drums. We were kicking ass in the studio last night. The Band is sounding more, and more like a solid entity.

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The new song Guilty written on June 3,2008 is now available for streaming. The song is dedicated to all people detached from society, and serving sentences in the United States prisons. Fuck I know some people deserve it, but most people are in for bullshit.

New Member

My good friend marcus has stepped out of the joint,and into the studio! Marcus will be the executive producer to my first solo album. He also will play a major role in the band,playing bass lines, and much needed drums to fill out the music a bit. So it won't sound so stripped down,and raw!


Relapse is a song about my struggle with drugs, and alcohol. This song is a fan exclusive so join up and listen to this song that is one of my favorites.