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To my fans

High everybody this Friday morning, I want to say I am so glad that my music has been accepted by you and all the nice artist on REVERBNATION I have been amazed at the support that i have gotten from my peers on reverbnation, i want to thank all the musicians that contacted me and was so nice i know none of you had too , but it shows me just how smart all the artist on REVERBNATION are. Everyone on reverb has worked real hard to get to where they are and all deserve respect and they will always get it from me. I want to thank all of you personally and hope i get the chance love this site and all, all , all, the artist deserve the respect of the music community . I worked real hard to achieve my sound and i know all of my brothers and sisters in music do the same , I KNOW' how hard they work , all of you ROCK !!! And thanks to all my listeners, I hope and pray that this music will always be a part of your life and bring joy and a little sunshine in your life. Thank you everybody !!!!


man i am blown away at the support of my friend's and fans , i thank you so much hopefully i can put together a show for ya soon, right now just me and old guitar playing private party's. thank's

mixing takes time !!!!!!!

I am on a no song left behind mission, I get one and cant get it out of my head till I record it, then it's gone like flash bear with my mixing skill's and everything really I I I'M just one man working alone on a 8 track recorder and baby sitting grandchildren in between track's, if you hear a funny sound it's probably little technical difficulties lol !!!!!!! hope you enjoy something ? that is what music is, everyone count's !!!! and i have always made my musical friend's feel good about there work' no matter, i love people !!!!!!