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Great Weekend!

The Lucky Odds had a blast this weekend. Thanks to The Mix, JOHNNY HOOTROCK, Dozen Street, The Smokin' Burnouts, The Del-Vipers, and all you good people for making it a great one. See y'all soon.

Koffin Kats show

We had a great time last Saturday. We met some new friends and hung out with some old friends. The Koffin Kats killed it and there were plenty of babies in the house. It just keeps getting better. Cheers to some more good times.

The Boneshakers Experience

We had a fun show at Boneshakers last Friday. We finally met Murderama and they ripped it up. We definitely look forward to playing with them again. Next up is Full Throttle on 11/11/11. We are pleased with the response from the people who have seen us thus far. Honestly, we didn't know if this would go over at all. So, we must say, it's a pleasant surprise that people still enjoy rockabilly music 50-60 years after the fact. We're looking forward to playing to more people and meeting new friends. Thanks to Murderama for the great show and the beer.

Testing the waters

We went out to an open band night last night and the most encouraging thing wasn't that we clicked well and got the rust out of the system, but rather the awesome response we got from the crowd regarding our musical style and stage presence. It was a blast and we like to thank all the friends new and old that came out, and the families support both at the venue and from home.