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DW Band Update

Well, it's been a wierd month so far that for sure. Our beloved Uncle Dave took a spill on his Harely and is now out of commission for a few weeks. So we're scrambling to find some fill-in guys until Dave's return hopefully this month. Our primary concern is our brother while he heals.

Other than that we're heading into the Holiday season now so it's business as usual.

Fantastic Summer

Well the band had a very busy summer, hitting more outdoor shows and festivals this year, including an increase in private gigs. We've had a great 12 week run and now are finally off for a few weeks rest during the Labor Day weekend. Thanks to our friends and family for all the support. RAWK ON!

Summber Bash

Well, the band is getting ready to start it's second wind for the summer. Summer time is when we get outside more, playing festivals and private parties. So we always look forward to it.